Alex needs to start over. She gets beat by her boyfriend and if she leaves, he will try to find her and kill her. She makes it out of the house, but will he find her? She tries to start over but the pain still lingers. Can a new life and new boyfriend help her fight through it? Will she get a "Happily Ever After?" *Smosh Fanfiction* NSFW WARNING
~Cover by Me~


19. It's Over

Alex wakes up in a dimly light room, her head pounding, lying down on a bed. She looks around the room but doesn’t find much. She sees a chair in the corner, a table on her side, and a door. Alex moves to the door only to find it locked from the outside.

“Goddamnit.” Alex says in frustration failing to open the only exit in the room. The door opens and Josh appears. He has a vile grin plastered across his face. Shadows appear on his stomach revealing that he is shirtless. She backs away from him.

“Hello beautiful.” Josh says as he steps into the room and shuts the door behind him. He grabs Alex by the waist before she could go anywhere, and leans in close, his hot breath on Alex’s ear. “Do you have any idea what I want to do to you?” Josh purrs. Chills run up and down Alex’s spine.

“You can’t hurt me.” Alex says with a little tremble in her voice. Josh tilted his head and smiled. Alex looked at him with caution. Knowing how Josh can be, she had to be cautious with everything she said or did. Saying or doing something even a little remotely out of place could send Josh through the roof. Living with him for several months, Alex has learned that he has a serious anger issue. Also, when he sets a goal, he carries out that goal no matter what he has to do, even if that means hurting others along the way.

“If I can’t hurt you then what happened earlier huh? It seemed to me that you were hurting when I was taking care of your little love candy.” Josh pressed his body closer to Alex’s. His hot breath quickened.

“He has a name you know. The decent thing you can do is to call him by his name.” Alex said growing irritated by Josh’s actions.

“Oh no, the decent thing I can to is this.” Josh’s lips collide with Alex’s. Alex was taken by surprise and stumbled back. Josh was misunderstood by her actions and took it as an invitation for something more. He shoved Alex onto her back on the bed, her head hitting the pillow. Josh positioned himself in a way so she can’t move her legs. He forced Alex’s hands above her head with one hand while tracing her body with the other. Aggressively, his lips trail down her neck.

Completely ignoring what she told herself about being cautious, Alex tries to move her hands away. Josh’s grasp tightens, his knuckles turning white. Arms stretched above her head, Alex feels the wooden headpost of the bed. She grabs onto a piece of the wooden post and holds on tight. Josh’s hand finds it’s way around her back and up her spine. When his fingers meet her bra strap, she pulls with all her might. The bed creaks but doesn’t give, Josh not noticing. As Josh’s fingers work their way to unclasp the hooks, Alex pulls hard once more and the wooden board gives. SNAP!

The bedpost breaks away. Josh lifts his head in surprise and his grip loosens. Alex brings the split board from above her head down into Josh’s collarbone. Josh screams out in pain as blood drips from his neck and onto Alex. He rolls off of her and collapses onto the floor. She stares at Josh. What did I just do? Alex thinks to herself.

“You bitch! You have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into!” Josh yells at her, a pool of blood surrounding him on the tile floor. His breathing became raspy, voice grew hoarse, “No matter what you do or where you go Alex, I will always be with you! I will be there in your dreams. I will be on your eyelids every time you close your eyes. You won’t be able to get rid of me!”

Alex, attempting to ignore Josh who is bleeding out on the ground, she gets up and starts towards the door. With a key left in the lock, she turns the knob and the door opens. Before leaving she stops and turns to Josh.

“You were never going to win this. A person isn’t something you own. A person is someone who loves you for who you are. Pure love. You don’t need to talk often, there needs no lust. Just each other and the bond you two grow. You support each other in the choices you make. Josh, I loved you but you never loved me back. You hurt me not only physically but also mentally. I am not your pawn anymore. Threaten me all you want but from the looks of it you can’t move. I’m done with you. Goodbye Josh.” Alex turns on her heel and marches out the door in search for Anthony.




    Alex approaches a final door, hoping it’s the right one. She had been searching for what felt like hours, in this warehouse, just to try and find Anthony. Lack of sleep and food is not helping her. Dizziness and exhaustion are slowly taking over her body causing her to stumble to the door. Sirens are sounding in the distance but Alex believes she is starting to hear things. Her head is pounding and she can feel a knot forming on her temple.

    At the door, Alex turns the knob. She recognizes the area, it was the same area she was in with Anthony, before Josh took her to another room. Alex makes her way to the middle of the large warehouse. She looks around the room calling out for Anthony, praying she finds him. The room is spinning in her mind; Alex stops and drops to her knees, a lump growing in her throat.

“Anthony please, I need you now. Where are you?” she whispers to herself, dropping her head. She sits, left alone to her thoughts.

What have I done? I had all these signals, I knew Josh would have come for me. The dreams, they should have warned me. They were telling me something and I wouldn’t listen. Why did I do this to him? I love him. You don't do that to someone you love. Now I don’t know what to do. I’ve lost him. What do I do? How am I supposed to tell Ian, his best friend? Victoria? The rest of Smosh? His family? Their hearts will be broken. The worst part will be telling the fans. They looked up to him and I took him out of their lives. How am I supposed to live with my--

Alex’s thoughts were cut off by a noise coming from her left. She tilted her head in that direction, staying completely still, listening, checking to see if the sound was real or if she was just imagining it.

“Ugggghhhhh,” a groan calls out. Alex gets up and makes her way towards that sound. As she approaches the corner of the room, she hears another moan of pain. This time it was louder. Alex rounds a crate and almost falls, tripping over something in her path. She looks down to find a leg.

Her eyes follow the leg up the body to meet the person's eyes. Deep brown eyes meet hers. Alex falls to her knees, wraps him in her arms, and cries in joy for she had finally found him. He leans up and hugs her back through pain. Tears sting his eyes as well, knowing that he hadn’t lost her.

“I-I thought you w-were dead. I thought I’d n-never find you,” Alex sobs. Anthony pulls away from the hug and cups her face with one hand, his thumb wiping away tears from her cheek.

“I’m never going anywhere. I will always be with you, Alex,” Anthony kisses her. This kiss was filled with passion and relief. Relief that consumed Alex and Anthony, knowing that they aren’t alone. They have each other.

Anthony breaks away, “Do you hear that?” Alex furrowed her brow and listens. At first she hears nothing. Then her senses kick in and she hears it: voices. Anthony exchanges a look with Alex. She helps Anthony to his feet, and follow the sound.

“It sounds like officers,” Alex says as they reach what appears to be a giant garage door. Anthony points to the small gap below the door, light peeking through.

“Red and blue lights.”

At that moment the door opens, police officers surround them. Red, white, and blue lights shine, blinding Alex and Anthony’s eyes. They both squint and cover their eyes. An officer approaches them.

“I’m Lieutenant Coulson. Are you two okay? Are either of you hurt?” Coulson asks. A team of officers move into the building and begin their protocol search.

“We are pretty beat up and shaken, yes,” Anthony replies.

“There is a medic over there,” the lieutenant points to an ambulance. He motions for a lady to come over,“This is Jemma Marshall. She can take you over and stitch you up.”

Jemma leads Alex and Anthony to the ambulance. They both sit down on the back of the truck. Jemma starts on Anthony, tending to the burn on his face and bruises and cuts left there from Josh. Alex looks around her. Police officers running around everywhere, lights flashing. A gurney is brought inside the building. A few moments later, the gurney returns with a body, blood soaking the sheets. It’s Josh, she knows it. Alex looks down, almost feeling sorry for hurting Josh. She never intends to hurt people like that.

Anthony looks over to Alex and pulls her close to him. He kisses her head, “It’s okay, Alex. Everything is over.” Alex smiles. He is right, everything is over. They can go back to how they were. Happy.

The sun rises from behind a building in the distance. It's morning. Alex watches the sunrise as a medic tends to her wounds and cleans her up. Leaning against Anthony, she reassures herself that the pain is gone now. She is happy and loved and cared for. Now that Josh can’t hurt her anymore, she doesn’t have to worry about him finding her. She finally feels safe.

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