Alex needs to start over. She gets beat by her boyfriend and if she leaves, he will try to find her and kill her. She makes it out of the house, but will he find her? She tries to start over but the pain still lingers. Can a new life and new boyfriend help her fight through it? Will she get a "Happily Ever After?" *Smosh Fanfiction* NSFW WARNING
~Cover by Me~


15. Crazy Meet and Greet

A/N Before you read this chapter, I just wanted to say that this will be in third person point of view so try not to get confused about who’s talking. If you do, try rereading it and the story should make more sense. I will try my best to make this chapter as clear as possible and as detailed as possible. Like I said before, I want to make it up to you since I haven’t updated in a long time. And have fun with possible cliff-hangers. :) Now on with the story…

~Third Person P.O.V.~

“Dude hurry up we are going to be late!” Anthony shouts to Ian. He checks his phone for the time and it reads 9:57 am. They are scheduled for an 11:30 Smosh meet and greet today, but it takes an hour to get to where it’s held. Alex and Victoria would have been going with them but since Victoria just got out of the hospital about a month ago, Ian still insists that Alex stays home with her so she won’t hurt herself.

Ever since that night of the sleepover, Ian and Victoria have been crazy for each other. Alex and Anthony are also doing extremely well for being together for almost two months. The two girls have gone to a lot of Smosh shoots and events since they moved to Sacramento, so them not going to Smosh’s first meet and greet of the year was kind of shocking. It didn’t bother Alex and Victoria though because they finally get some girl time with the other Smosh girls, Mari, Courtney, and Olivia, like they have been wanting to do for a while.

“I know hang on!” Ian shouts from the bathroom of the Smosh house. Ian still lives at the Smosh house. He was fixing his bowl haircut for the seventh time.

“Ian you’ve been in there for thirty minutes hurry your ass up!” Anthony shouts from the front door. “I’m getting in the car and if you’re not in the car in five minutes, I’m leaving without you!” Anthony makes his way to his car. As he climbs into the driver seat his phone rings. He grabs his phone from his back pocket and looks at the screen. It shows a picture of Alex and her number above it. “Hello.” He answers.

“Hey babe how’s it going so far? Are you almost there?”

“I wish, Ian is taking forever on his hair.”

“What?! You guys should be there by now!”

“I know but it’s okay. We are going to film a lunchtime while we are there so this should be fun.”

“Okay well I’m going to hang out with the girls so have fun babe.”

“I will, you too.” As Anthony hangs up the phone, Ian finally makes it out to the car. “Finally you made it! I was about to leave without you.”

Ian clicks his seat belt, laughs, and tells Anthony to go.


While the boys are shooting the videos and meeting their fans, Alex and Victoria are playing board games with the girls. They had just finished their game of Monopoly, Mari being the winner, and are about to start up Twister. Since Victoria is still not fully recovered from the hospital she gets to be the spinner and judge. Alex laughs and she struggled to put on her socks for the game. Mari, Courtney, and Olivia are already on the mat ready to play.

“Hurry up Alex or we are going to start without you.” Courtney chuckled and stood on the mat next to Mari.

“Hold your horses Courtney.” Alex finally comes on the mat and Victoria spins the wheel.

“Alright ladies, it's left foot green.”

After a few hours of Twister, the girls start to get hungry.

“So it’s 2:48 p.m. and we still haven’t picked a place to eat.” Alex states as she checks her phone for any messages.

“How about pizza? Everyone loves pizza and we can order in.” Mari says pulling up a pizza place on her phone.

All the girls agreed on pizza. Courtney answered the door and payed the delivery man when he arrived. By the time it arrived at the house, Olivia picked out a movie and Alex was able to go to the store and buy tons of candy and snacks. Olivia picked out, “Big Hero 6” for the movie.

By 3:30 p.m. everyone is settled and the movie starts.


“Are you ready dude?” Anthony asks Ian. The two friends are behind stage and about to film a Lunchtime with Smosh at their meet and greet.

“Hell yeah I am!” Ian says excitedly. The announcer announces Smosh and the boys head out. The only thing you can here are the ear piercing screams of hundreds of fangirls and fanboys.

“What’s up people!” Ian yells into the mic and the screams grow louder. Anthony walks out behind him holding a camera recording the screams of everyone.

“Anthony I think it’s time for something.” Ian says. They were brought Taco Bell to eat and the fans loved watching Smosh in person even if they were eating.

“Finding Twitter questions, finding Twitter questions.” Anthony sung. “But wait, Don’t you think it would make more sense if we just asked these fans for their Twitter questions?” The fans screamed and cheered as Anthony finished his question.

“I think you’re right Anthony.” Ian replies.

“Okay who has a question?” Anthony asks and points the vlogging camera towards the crowd.

“Who’s next?” Ian says searching the crowd for someone to ask the next question.

“I am.” says a deep voice. Ian and Anthony exchange a questioning look and turn back to the person who spoke.

“Okay what’s your question?” Anthony asks with a questioning tone.

“Well it may sound like a question but it’s more of a demand.” The person makes their way to the front of the crowd. The fans grow quiet and move away from the person cautiously. Once the person makes it to the front, it is clear it is a male about the same age as Ian and Anthony. He looks Anthony in the eye, not blinking and breaking away. “Where is Alex?”

Ian looks over at Anthony. His friend is frozen, and doesn’t know what to do. Ian realizes that Anthony is having a panic attack so he takes charge, “Listen dude we don’t know what you’re talking about. You got the wrong people. Maybe the Alex you’re looking for is in the crowd and you didn’t see them.” Ian says to the guy.
“No I never make mistakes.” The man breaks his stare with Anthony to look at Ian. The venom in his eyes grow rapidly. “And I am not letting you trick me. You two are mine until she finds you, which won’t be long.”

Anthony finally calms down, the fans are no longer around their panel. Security has come but it’s too late. Ian notices the stranger pull out what looks like a controller with a big red button in the middle of it.
“The name is Josh by the way.” He says as he pushes the button. The stage shakes and all of a sudden there is a huge hole under Anthony and Ian's feet. The two men fall through and there is dust everywhere. Ian and Anthony’s ears ring from the explosion. Two other men come into view from the dust. They tie up the Smosh boys, put bags on their heads, shove them into a van, and drive away.


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