The 24 days of CHRISTmas

For the Movellas Christmas Competition


11. Day 11

1) my favorite Christmas story is a bell for Anya, my siblings will gather around and I'll read it to them through my tears 
2) we always watch the polar express, sometimes with hot chocolate which is always the best 
3) we got to the movie's once in Demember. This may not seem like much but my family is far from rich and we have a lot of kids in the family so we usually get to go to the movies about once a year which makes that trip special. 
4) the elf on the shelf, it my job in the family to move him around and leave little notes. It's wonderful to see the excitement on my little brother's faces as they're extra good. 
5) this ones my favorite, the advantage calendar. Every day we move Mary and Joseph one square closer to the manger. And on Christmas Day, we bring out the baby Jesus and put them all together. 

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