"Am I...dead?" My words come out a whisper as I look at the angelic boy.

He shrugs. "Something like that."

"Well, what is it? Am I dead or not?"

"You used to be."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means that you're in the middle. You were revived."


14. The First To Go

 I didn't have time to say anything before my father tackled her to the ground.

I hadn't even seen him get up. All that I saw was his black shirt rush in, and bam. My mother, my father,and Sapphire. One big heap on the floor. Punches were delivered, yelling heard, and yelps of pain. Yelps mostly from my mom- she had two people fighting on top of her. Punches? Well, those were Sapphire beating the crap out of my Dad. Yelling? My sister. She was screaming for Sapphire to stop.

The silent one? That was me.

My brain was still trying to process what my ears had just heard. "I'm Sapphire. Your best friend. Your new protector." The words rushed through my mind over and over again. What did she mean by best friend? Protector? And then, to make things worse, my sister slipped down the stairs and crashed into me. My head slammed into the ground, and pain consumed me as I cried out.

"Sorry," Kayla said hurriedly, quickly getting up. As I got to my knees I watched as she slammed into Sapphire, sending the poor girl sprawling off of my dad, who got up quickly and ran to my mother. "Are you o-"

"AHHHHH!" Kayla screamed, and I was on my feet in an instant, running to her. Too late I noticed a curved object stuck in her side. I adopted a confused expression as my brain rushed to figure out what it was, and then my eyes widened in recognition.

A dagger. The bitch had stabbed my sister with a damn dagger.

"Kayla!" I yelled frantically, and my foot collided with Sapphire's face.

Yanking the blade out, I winced as she let out another horrible, blood curdling scream. Tears filled my eyes as my older sister writhed on the ground as blood soaked the side of her pink and white striped shirt. I faintly heard my parents yell her name, and I barely realized it when they were suddenly by her side, my mother calling nine one one. The only thing my eyes could see clearly was the dagger in my hand, my sister's eyes which were slowly closing, and her assailant, standing before us, shock plain on her face. My sister coughed once. More of her crimson blood exited her body, going through her shirt and making its way to a puddle on the floor. And then I realized:

Kayla was bleeding out.

My arms shook. A single emotion took over, red, hot, and ready to come out. But it wouldn't. Not yet. I wouldn't let it. But as I held Kayla's hand, and felt her pulse go out, and watched as her beautiful green eyes closed for the last time, I let go of everything I had. 

My legs- they stood up without hesitation.

My feet- they ran at Sapphire with everything they had.

My hands- they positioned the blade my sister had died on.

My eyes- watched as I took the blade and swung at Sapphire with it.

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