"Am I...dead?" My words come out a whisper as I look at the angelic boy.

He shrugs. "Something like that."

"Well, what is it? Am I dead or not?"

"You used to be."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means that you're in the middle. You were revived."


9. The Camp

 The boy that rescued me, who is now glaring at the boy who revived me, tightens his grip on my wrist. 

"Out of the way, Leo." His voice drips with contempt.That was his name? Leo!?

It's still pretty hot though...

He receives a smirk back. "Sorry, Ian. No can do." He raises an eyebrow. "And if I remember correctly, you weren't supposed to set foot here again."

"And if I remember right," Ian starts, moving me behind him,"You were the one that made it that way." 

Leo shakes his head. "You made a big mistake, Ian. I had to punish you." He takes a step closer. "Even if you were my best friend."

"Can someone tell me what's going on?" I wonder aloud.

The two boys' glances fall on me. Leo's gaze looks relaxed, possibly annoyed, and Ian just looks...well, weary and anxious. His eyes practically scream, 'Don't say anything!'.

Leo turns back to Ian, ignoring my presence. "Well? I don't have all day. Give her back,Ian, or I will have to kill you." He smiles crookedly. "Or, of course, I can make a deal with you..."

Ian's firm stance wavers. "What kind of deal?"

"If you give her back, I'll let you join us again. You can pick up where you left off in training. You will be forgiven."

Ian goes stiff. Its obvious that he's debating, Should I give him the girl or save her? Then, having made up his mind, he looks straight at Leo. But when he speaks, he addresses me.

 "Emily," he says softly,"run as far as you can."

And then he tackled Leo to the ground.

I didn't wait for anyone to tell me what to do; my feet were already in motion. I rushed across the grassy plain, hearing sickening cracks and punches being thrown, words being shouted, and howls of pain. I slide down the hill that comes up, the sounds fading from earshot. 

A river finds my line of eyesight, and I am almost to the banks when Ian's voice behind me screams, "Emily, look out!" 

I turn, and Leo stands there, looking down at me. He takes a step closer, I take a step back. He narrows his eyes. "Stand still. I don't want to feel like a wolf stalking prey."

I glare. "Then stop stalking. Leave me alone!" My foot finds the cold chill of the river water. Almost there...

He stops walking, and I dive. I power my arms to swim away, and here the splash of another body entering the water. It has to be Leo. I kick my feet harder, trying to swim away, and see a large rock in my path. I was trapped. Unless...

Unless I could use the water to my advantage.

And hadn't I done that, my whole life? I hadn't surfed, joined the water team, or lived in motherfucking California for nothing. I could do this.

Turning my body, I looked at the rock closely. There was a little crevice in between the ground and the rock. Next, I saw some weeds growing. Not algae, but it would do. I swim towards it, and feel the plant, but then an hand wraps around my arm and starts to swim away. I turn to the body, and sure enough, it's Leo.

I kick out as hard as I can, catching him in the stomach and making him go sprawling away. I jet to the weeds and pull them out, then go to the rock and place the weeds along the crevice, after sticking a ton of dirt in there. Leo came back for me, and I looked at the rock anxiously. Come on, come on, come on....


Water erupted from the place the rock was sitting, moving it and everything I had put. I ducked under the rock, and watched as Leo's shocked face was slammed into by the huge rock that carried him away. I smiled, silently thanking the boulder. 

I turn back and swim, suddenly aware of the light coming from the back of the cave. I smile silently to myself. I was going to make it.

As soon as I get out of the cave and note the water fall,I feel myself being carried out. My eyes widen, and I kick and scream. A group of men and women stare as I am carted off to a tent. As soon as I am deposited, I look at the person who carried me angrily, then my anger turns to surprise when I realise it's Ian.

He smile. "Welcome to the camp."

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