"Am I...dead?" My words come out a whisper as I look at the angelic boy.

He shrugs. "Something like that."

"Well, what is it? Am I dead or not?"

"You used to be."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means that you're in the middle. You were revived."


4. Drowned

  After surviving the first week of school, Saturday finally arrived. After eating a quick snack, I checked my watch. 9:57 am. Nita would be here any minute. Running upstairs, I check my belongings.

Cell phone? Check.

Extra clothes? Check.

Bathing suit? Check.

Sun umbrella? Check

Sunscreen? Check.

Sister? Check.

Sanity? Still need to find it.

Happy attitude? Over the top.

Honk Honk!

The sound of Nita's Jeep causes me to whip my head around and throw on my bag, then run out of the room. Scrambling down the stairs, I swing open the door, and find Nita and Kate in the car waiting for me. I speed walk up to them, then swing open the passenger door. Kate's in the back only because she doesn't like the front seat for some reason. "You get enough sleep?" Kate calls from the backseat.

 I glare."Shut up. You know I didn't."

The other two girls howl with laughter. I sigh. This was going to be so much fun.

                                                                                .  .  .  .  .  .  . 

 As we start setting up our place, my sister runs up to us. "We're gonna be over there if you guys need anything okay?" She hikes her finger backwards towards where her friends sit, waiting for her. I open my mouth to reply, but she cuts me off by leaving. "Okay then." I mutter.

I lay down my towel,and start taking out the things in my bag. I prop my sun umbrella right next to my towel after opening it. I set the bag containing my phone and extra clothes under the umbrella, and remove my top and pants, showing off the black and purple bikini underneath.

I freeze when I here Nita say, "You guys wanna go ride some waves?"

My eyes fly to my things. Where was my surfboard? No. I couldn't have forgotten it! Damn it!

"I cant. I don't have my board."

"Why don't you go rent one from the beach store?"

"Didn't bring money."

Nita sighs. "Hold on. I think My brother left his in the trunk." She jogs back towards where we parked the car. I cross my fingers. Please let them be there please let them be there pl-

My thoughts are cut off by Nita jogging back with her older brother's board. Thank God For Duane!

I rush forward and grab it. "Thank you!"

She shrugs. "No problem."

Kate taps her foot, obviously impatient. "C'mon, guys. Ryan didn't come, and I'm ready to surf!"

I roll my eyes. "That was a lame try at encouragement, as well as making us come with you."

"Please. You would go either way." 

Nita cuts in front of us. "True. Lets go!"

Rushing to the water, we slap our boards on the blue surface and wait.


Paddling as hard as we can, we rush to the wave and slowly stand up on our boards. The wave went up. I mentally marked the height. Ten feet. That was nothing.

That is, unless it hit you.

I press my left foot slightly against the back of the board, making it go up. As the wave came down right in front of me, I kicked my foot back in the water and made the board wash over the wave.

After gliding over it, I watch as the wave goes down. I turn my eyes to Kate and Nita. The pump their fists in the air and whoop. I laugh.

"That was so much-"


I whip my head back to see my sister and her friends frantically waving their arms. They point from behind us. I turn. 


Double waves usually never happen. But here one was, a twenty three feet wave glaring down at us. "Jump!" I dont know who said that, Nita or Kate. My body practically moved in slow motion. I jump, ducking my head to get in the water so the wave didn't catch me. Come on come on come o-


The wave hit me full force. I'm knocked into the water, sprawling, my body twisting and turning. I try to swim to the surface, but I'm knocked down again. And again and again.Until my lungs finally give out.

The last thing I saw was someone swimming towards me before the world went black.

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