A young she-cat with a beautiful coat thinks everything is as it should be. SunClan is thinking that HiddenClan is stealing their food, and a war is brewing. She also is in love with two other cats, and she doesn't know what is best for her or her Clan. When a mysterious cat murders her father and she tries to find out who, everything falls apart.


10. ...

I awoke from my nightmare, haunted by me... pretty much killing Snowfall. I was mad at myself. The warrior code says do not kill for the win...

                                           "Stormpaw? Get up. Your safe right now." A rumble sounded. I opened my eyes to see a massive tom meow, "I'm Lionheart. I'm here to help." I looked around. We were in a hollow, with soft green grass. "Are we... in StarClan?" Lionheart nodded, his starry pelt shining. "Hello.I'm Hollyleaf. This is Lionblaze and Jayfeather." A black she-cat purred. I looked behind me. "Snowfall?" I whimpered. She arose. "It is okay what you did. I have a few friends to help make you a better warrior. It is a gift from me, and StarClan." I meowed, "Your not mad at me?" She shook her head. I sighed and looked up. "Crowfeather... Leafpool... and a few other cats. Wow, is this a party?" A gray furred tom meowed. "I'm Ashfur." I backed away. "Um... can we train tomorrow? Hawkstar is calling her." Bluestar meowed. I nodded and awoke.          

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