A young she-cat with a beautiful coat thinks everything is as it should be. SunClan is thinking that HiddenClan is stealing their food, and a war is brewing. She also is in love with two other cats, and she doesn't know what is best for her or her Clan. When a mysterious cat murders her father and she tries to find out who, everything falls apart.


7. Tigerkit's P.O.V.

I sat, right at the entrance to the nursery, looking at the apprentice den. I liked Stormpaw. She was my best friend, aside from Gorsekit and Sandkit. But it just wasn't fair. She got to be apprentice ahead of us. All she did was go out there, in my opinion that was dumb, and bite a few tails and scratch a few cats. I lay down. "Honey, what's wrong?" my mom purred, laying beside me. "Stormpaw got to be a apprentice before us. We were supposed to do it together." I sighed. "Do not worry, everything will reveal itself. " my mom went back into the den. She was right, I decided. Only Starclan knows...



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