A young she-cat with a beautiful coat thinks everything is as it should be. SunClan is thinking that HiddenClan is stealing their food, and a war is brewing. She also is in love with two other cats, and she doesn't know what is best for her or her Clan. When a mysterious cat murders her father and she tries to find out who, everything falls apart.


17. Mourning All Over Again

First, it was Snowfall. Now, it was Lightningscar, my dad. What did I do to deserve this? StarClan, are you listening? Was this the special training that you wanted? I sat, with my nose in my dad's fur, listening to the respects paid by my Clanmates. "I'm sorry." "StarClan will help you." is what cats would say, or "Lightningscar was a good deputy." We will never forget him." I sighed to myself, as the elders came to take him away. This time, they let me help bury him. "I'm sorry, Stormpaw." Firerose meowed. I dipped my head, and with one last glance at Snowfall's and Lightningscar's graves, I headed towards the apprentices den for some sleep.


"Wake up!" Tigerpaw's voice sounded. I opened my eyes. He smiled, almost wearily at me. "I brought you a piece of fresh kill." I dipped my head sadly. "Thank you." and shared with him. "I'm sorry about Lightningscar." Gorsepaw, an apprentice two moons older than me, meowed. I nodded, "Thanks." and went to find Owlclaw. "Hi, Stormpaw, you ready for some training after Hawkstar chooses his new deputy?" the she-cat looked down upon me with sad, but bright eyes. "Sure." I replied, then listened to Hawkstar. "Yesterday night, a murderer came to our Clan and killed our deputy, Lightningscar." he let this register to the cats. "And, with great grievance, for Lightningscar was a great deputy and warrior, I choose Leopardflight as the new deputy. Do you except?" Leopardflight, a bronze colored she-cat with black spots and blue eyes nodded. "Then, I name you, Leopardflight, the new deputy!" "Leopardflight!" "Leopardflight!" we yowled, and suddenly, I thought something dangerous was heading our way from the fierce gleam in her eye. She had something to hide...

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