A young she-cat with a beautiful coat thinks everything is as it should be. SunClan is thinking that HiddenClan is stealing their food, and a war is brewing. She also is in love with two other cats, and she doesn't know what is best for her or her Clan. When a mysterious cat murders her father and she tries to find out who, everything falls apart.


3. Chapter 3

I pounced onto the youngest elder, Snowfall and growled, "Do you dare threaten HiddenClan, the greatest Clan in all history?" Snowfall grimaced, "No! I surrender!" "Tell me HiddenClan is the best Clan of all!" Snowfall whimpered, "You are the best Clan." I bounced off and hopped towards Tigerkit. "They surrendered!" I meowed and pounced onto Tigerkit. "Hey! That's not fair!" and he batted me away. I growled and turned my tail. "Furball." Tigerkit played, and I leaped onto him. "Who is the furball now?" I smiled and got off. "I win!"


"Mom?" I nudged Iceclaw. "Yes honey?" "What color are my eyes?" Mom turned towards me. "They are brillaint green, like summer grass." I tilted my head, "Is that a good color?" Mom nodded and let out a mrrow of amusement. "Yes." I curled up and yawned to sleep.

"Hey furball! Wake up! SunClan attacking!"

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