A young she-cat with a beautiful coat thinks everything is as it should be. SunClan is thinking that HiddenClan is stealing their food, and a war is brewing. She also is in love with two other cats, and she doesn't know what is best for her or her Clan. When a mysterious cat murders her father and she tries to find out who, everything falls apart.


11. Awakening: Tigerkit's P.O.V.

I sat, waiting as Hawkstar made announcements. "Tomorrow is the Gathering. I have a request. Stormpaw?" Stormpaw sat by me. "Yes Hawkstar?" she looked a teeny bit nervous. "Tomorrow, can you go to the Gathering? If so, come onto the Tree with me." Stormpaw furrowed her brow but said nothing, then nodded. 'Was she getting special treatment?' I wondered, then looked suspiciously towards Hawkstar. What is he up to?

Stormpaw P.O.V.


What?? The Tree is for leaders. I don't know if StarClan will accept this...

I sighed and looked to Tigerkit after the meeting. "What should I do?" he looked sad, then his gaze hardened. "You shouldn't have become apprentice without us. Were family... right?" he gazed at me, then walked away. 'It's not my fault!' I sighed in my head, then I slumped towards the apprentices den, and fell asleep.

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