The Two Kinds of Forever

For the All The Light competition in the revenge category


2. Chloe

I can hear Benjamin.

His voice is sad. I can feel emotions better now. I can see what people are feeling with my eyes closed.

They'll be closed forever now.

He says he'll miss me.

He'll never know someone like me.

He's sad.

He's trembling.

He says it should have been him, he was driving the car.

He doesn't understand.

They call it grief: the longing for people not to be dead.

He could never replace me because he isn't me.

He says he remembers that day when he was three. I took his hand. I remember that too. I was two and a three quarters.

He's saying he loved me.

He loves me. He loves Chloe Liu. 

If my lips could move they would smile. No one would see it anyway. Not in this dark. Not in this box. 

There is my love. My Benjamin.

The boy who unintentionally killed me. The boy that left half of me still on that tree.

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