Evil Side

About a town the has a nickname called evil side why is it called evil side do you wonder maybe its about a evil witch do you want to know you will see if you just read.


1. The Beging to End

One day there was a town named Gettysburg the nickname is evil side. Your probley thing "why is it called evil side". Well it is called evil side because there was a tale about a girl named Shania Brooks a 16 year old.She was a witch legend tells.She was evil she casted spells on people who did not obey her. Or putting it this way did not follow her rules.Every rule is evil....was evil.Shania made people kill innocents if they were bad or did not obey.There family's and friends would be murdered one by one.Legend says she killed her self from depression but do you actually believe that! She had everything money,castle,power. Why would she kill herself? Was she lonely that could be the answer because guess who it is? Surprise its Shania Brooks bet you didn't see that coming.I did not kill my self because I killed Shania Brooks. I was possessed by her. My name actually is Shi Andrews.Shania is from 1985 so she looked old so she possessed my body and that's why I've been hiding because I don't Know who I really am. 
Who am I

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