Marvels Roy Grayson

Born into a poor and down on their luck family, Roy Grayson, a sixteen year old male who was born with a gift of smoke abilities such as smoke flames, flying and much more but on the midst of starting Year 12 he sees that his luck has struck when he meets Val Hullen who takes interest in him. They both bond as Roy learns of Roy's past and a certain tragedy within their school in New York occurs that sets off a huge chain of events.


2. What Shall Happen Now

Mysterious Women: Come on you have to leave Roy, now go.

Roy: Please no, I can't leave without you.

Mysterious Women: Come little brother you must get out of here before (explosion that knocks out Roy and Mysterious Women).

Mysterious Man: Quickly...grab the boy.

Soldier: What about the girl?

Mysterious Man: Leave her, now don't question me Cameron.

Soldier: Yes sir, I shall take Roy to the facility at once.

Mysterious Man: Good, now let's get out of here before the girl wakes up.

(Roy wakes up from nightmare)

Roy: Shit...who are you?

(Roy grabs phone from dutches and calls Hayden)

Hayden: Ah Hello.

Roy: Hayden it's Roy.

Hayden: Hey Roy why are calling me at 3:25am in the morning?

Roy: I had that dream again.

Hayden: bad.

Roy: It used to end at the explosion but I see them taking me away.

Hayden: Wait a second, if you we're knocked out by the explosion how do you see this stuff afterwards.

Roy: No clue, but hopefully I'll find out soon. There has to be a way to unlock the memories faster.

Hayden: What about Val, she can mess with the head s maybe she can have a look.

Roy: Sounds good, can we meet at the park near my house.

Hayden: Sure I'll call Val and see you there.

(Roy hangs up and gets dressed and sneaks out to the park)

Roy: Thanks for coming Hayden.

Hayden: Your having trouble and I'm here to help you out.

Roy: I can always count on you.

Hayden: No, I'm counting on you.

Roy: I know, I know.

Val: Roy (Val runs up to Roy and hugs him).

Roy: Nice to see you came.

Hayden: Yeah great.

Val: Well I hope I can help.

Roy: You can, well you might, I need you to mess around in my head and unlock some memories. I'm seeing them...very slowly and I got to see them now.

Val: Fine...stay still.

(Roy has visions that start off blurry but become clear)

Mysterious Man: Good, now let's get out of here before the girl wakes up.

Val: Ok we got the memory, who is that girl?

Roy: An older sister I don't remember having.

Val: Wow, let's just see what happens next.

NYPD officer: Roy, Jess, is anybody in here (officer enters room). No, no, baby girl. Please wake up...I can't loose you kids now, not now.

(end of vision)

Roy: What, what was that.

Hayden: That couldn't be your know.

Roy: I can't...I can't (collapses).

Hayden: Roy (grabs Roy in here arms), please stay with me. What happened?

Val: I pushed him to far, I shouldn't have.

Hayden: Doesn't he going to be ok.

Val: Yes he's just fallen unconscious. He should be fine in the morning.

Hayden: Shit how are we gonna get Roy back to his house.

Val: Don't worry, I got a plan.

Hayden: What is it?

Val: Just get him up and follow me.

(ten minutes later)

Val: Here we are.

Hayden: Why are we at Roy's house?

Val: Just follow me in.

(Val and Hayden enter Grayson House)

Val: Don't worry about being quiet.

Hayden: It might be a good choice to be quiet here at this time with an unconscious person here over my shoulders.

Val: Just follow me.

(enter Roy's room)

Val: Now put him down on his bed.

Hayden: There we what?

Val: What do you mean? We leave.

Hayden: Ummm...sounds good.

Griffin: Roy, what did I fucking tell you about making noise like this at this time of day.

Hayden: Oh shit.

Griffin: What the fuck, Hayden why are you here and why is this other girl in here?

Val: No worries Mr Grayson, I'm Val but you won't remember that so....

Griffin: Having you been drinking child.

Val: No but you have. So please go back to your room, go to sleep and forget this ever happened.

Griffin: Ok child.

Hayden: What the fuck was that?

Val: One of my many abilities but you already know that. Now I think it's time for you to leave Hayden.

Hayden: Fine, I guess I'll see you and Roy at school tomorrow.

Val: Goodbye.

(Hayden exits)

Val: Mr Grayson, I hope your install for what comes next.

(next morning)

Roy: Ohhh my god my head, What.

Val: Ahhh good morning.

Roy: Wasn't expecting to see you in my bed in the morning, naked especially.

Val: You don't remember what happened last night.

Roy: The last thing I remember was collapsing after the vision finished. So can you fill me in.

Val: Sure, you woke up after an hour a little light headed but awake. Hayden just left but I stayed and we came back here and talked before the conversation got pretttttty intimate.

Roy: I don't....I remember now.

Val: Great (Val gets out of bed). Now lets get ready to go to school.

Eren: Time to go to school Roy (Eren walks into room).

Roy: Ahhhhhhh.

Eren: Ahhhhhh what, get up and get dressed I need to get down to the club early today. I need you to take Reilly to school.

Roy: I get it (look at Val then back at Eren).

Eren: Now please get to it.

(Eren exits)

Roy: Am I tripping right now.

Val: No your not. Like I said...I have plenty of skills.

(next day after school)

Val: You ready to face Nate...well I guess the better question is Nate ready to face you.

Roy: We will see.

Nate: You ready for a thrashing boy.

Roy: Cut the shit and get over here.

Nate: I'll be glad to put you in your place.

Anya: WAIT!

Nate: What is it baby?

Anya: Shut it Nate. Look Roy...just walk away from this there is no need for blood the be spilt here today.

Roy: Your asshole boyfriend made sure that was going to happen yesterday.

(Nate rushes Roy and hits him in the face)

Roy: Cheap shot ah.

Nate: I'm getting mine in, where is yours.

Roy: Here they come pal.

(Roy smoke punches Nate in the chest)

Nate: What was (collapses on ground coughing up blood).

Roy: You push some people to far sometimes, Nate. Time you payed for that.

Anya: Roy stop...don't hurt him.

Roy: I've already hurt him, there is only one last thing to do.

(Roy grabs Nate by the neck)

Roy: So tell me Nate...are you afraid to die?

Nate: Yes, yes I am. Don't kill me man you can have that bitch sister of yours back.

Anya: You breaking up with me Nate.

Nate: Fuck yeah I am. I'm not dealing with this shit anymore.

Roy: You don't have to man...because your going to be dealing with two broken legs.

Nate: WHAT!

(Roy snaps Nate's' legs)

Nate: Fuuuuuuck!

Roy: You ready to leave Val?

Val: Yeah looks like we're done here.

Roy: How about you Anya?

Anya: Yeah...let's get out of here.































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