Marvels Roy Grayson

Born into a poor and down on their luck family, Roy Grayson, a sixteen year old male who was born with a gift of smoke abilities such as smoke flames, flying and much more but on the midst of starting Year 12 he sees that his luck has struck when he meets Val Hullen who takes interest in him. They both bond as Roy learns of Roy's past and a certain tragedy within their school in New York occurs that sets off a huge chain of events.


6. The Flaming Sword

Jessica: Please I need help!

Otto: Quickly place her on the gurney. What happened to Val?

Jessica: Val collapsed when her nose started bleeding and pregnant as well.

Otto: Really well, do have any clue who the father is.

Jessica: No idea I was just present when she went out.

Otto: Lucky you were, we need a nurse to handle this. Oh ah nurse Quinzel.

Harleen: Yes doctor.

Otto: Rush miss Hullen to the pregnancy ward and get her a room and I'll be there later for a check up.

Harleen: Is the father present with the girl.

Otto: I'll try to track him down just get her to the ward, now.

(Harleen and the other nurses rush Val over to the ward)

Jessica: Business seems to be booming lately Otto.

Otto: It's because of that Fury thing that came a few days ago. Also because of some attacks that have occurred recently around the city, the police are calling them terrorist attacks.

Jessica: So what this happened not that long ago, what are they called?

Otto: President Rushmore just addressed it, the terrorist group call themselves The Flaming Sword. Might be a good time to use your detective skills miss Jones.

Jessica: Do you have this under control Octavius.

Otto: Of course...come's me.

Jessica: Yeah ok, see you later Otto.

(Jessica goes back to her apartment to see someone has broken in)

Jessica: (carefully walks in) Roy you still in here.

Elias: No but I am.

Jessica: What have you done with Roy?

Elias: Why do suddenly think I had anything to do with the break in?

Jessica: Well...your here and you, Elias, have a reason to be here.

Elias: Your very much mistaken Miss Jones, I'm here because I seek your help.

Jessica: Are you joking, why in the hell would I help you. After all you have done to my brother, his friends and the people of this city.

Elias: You make it seem so bad.

Jessica: You killed and severely injured people.

Elias: No, you just believed in what you heard and saw. I only killed people who tried to kill me straight off the bat of guessing my character on what they saw. All I did to your brothers friends was give them a little power so they can fight against the coming force.

Jessica: That can't be possible, what about the reporter and cameraman.

Elias: Oh Ellie the reporter and Burt the cameraman. I changed them as well, they're in the hospital as well because like your friends, it takes a while for their bodies to adapt to the power.

Jessica: If that is true then what is this so called "coming force"?

Elias: The Flaming Sword.

Jessica: Those guys are here, they're responsible for the terrorist attacks around New York.

Elias: They are here? No way can that be true. If they are we must leave this city.

Jessica: Why?

Elias: Do you even know what The Flaming Sword are capable of?

Jessica: I don't, educate me.

Elias: Well I'm not from this Universe. My best friend, Barry Allen or as you people know him as, The Flash. Barry and I led the rebels after The Flaming Sword had killed every other superhero and villain left on the planet. Once Batman, who was the last survivor, was killed, Barry sent me here to save me and help your universe by building an army.

Jessica: How in the world did they kill all those powerful beings?

Elias: I don't know, but they are good at it. Me and the rebels researched their history and they were created by God himself to destroy all the universes in existence, the three angels, Gabriel, Azriel and Babylon and the three demons Azazel, Cali and Erinyes, formed what is now called The Flaming Sword.

Jessica: This is all great to know but where is Roy then.

Elias: Either the Flaming Sword have kidnapped him or it's OsCorp looking to revisit an old friend.

Jessica: You seem to know a far bit about us.

Elias: Well we had versions of you all in my universe but that is a story that can be told after we rescue Roy.

Jessica: Just one last thing I want to ask, what up with you taking up the name of fury.

Elias: The furies were the guardians of justice and order of the gods and that is what I stand for so now that you know everything, you up for the count.

Jessica: We if your willing to help...then...I'll take it.











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