Marvels Roy Grayson

Born into a poor and down on their luck family, Roy Grayson, a sixteen year old male who was born with a gift of smoke abilities such as smoke flames, flying and much more but on the midst of starting Year 12 he sees that his luck has struck when he meets Val Hullen who takes interest in him. They both bond as Roy learns of Roy's past and a certain tragedy within their school in New York occurs that sets off a huge chain of events.


5. Solace

Mysterious Man: Cameron have you got the injections ready?

Cameron: They will be ready in the hour Mr Osborn.

Mysterious Man: Good what about the two.

Cameron: The girl is stable but the other male has had spikes in his mental and physical state.

Mysterious Man: Give him another dose to keep him in the coma.

(Roy wakes sweating)

Val: What's wrong?

Roy: Nothing...just a bad dream.

Val: I can read your mind if I want but I prefer if you told me the truth.

Roy: The vision from the other day...I've been seeing more and different memories.

Val: Of what?

Roy: When they took me away from Jessica...a man named Cameron and another man who seems to be his boss who he addressed as Mr Osborn.

Val: Wait, Mr in Norman Osborn.

Roy: Yeah I think so.

Val: Norman Osborn is the founder and former CEO of OsCorp.

Roy: I remember him, didn't he die a couple of years ago.

Val: Yeah two years ago from a genetic disease he had. Did you hear or see anything else.

Roy: One last thing...They talked about two others they captured, Another male and female.

Val: Did you hear their names.

Roy: I didn't.

Val: We'll get it all thought Roy, together.

Roy: Yeah...yeah we will. Let's get some sleep...we'll go see Jessica in the morning.

(next morning at Jessicas' apartment)

Roy: (knock knock) up.

Jessica: (opens door) Oh it's you two.

Roy: Morning drinks hey...right on.

Jessica: You have your ways of dealing with your problems and I have mine.

Val: Look...we can to seek your help. To see what you meant the other day.

Jessica: Fine, but how did you find out where I live.

Val: You have your ways and we have ours.

Jessica: I see...come in. So here is the deal, I have a lead on who took you away from our parents ten years ago.

Roy: Wait a second, our parents.

Jessica: Sorry to spring it on you pretty early but...those people you live with aren't your real family.

Roy: I can't...believe it, long have I been living the life of a lie?

Jessica: Since Norman Osborn kidnapped you ten years ago, along with our father and mother.

Roy: God...that examples my dream. I sure myself and two others, a male and female who were captured as well.

Jessica: That's interesting, anyway...I've found the location of the lab where they experimented on you and our parents. We need to head there now so we can find out about Elias and whatever else we can find.

Val: Ah...Roy...something's wrong.

Roy: Val...your nose.

(Val's nose starts bleeding)

Val: I feel like...feel (Val collapses).

Roy: Shit Val...don't do this to me now.

Jessica: Stay back, let me have her hand.

Roy: What are you doing Jessica.

(grabs her hand)

Jessica: My god (shocked). Val is pregnant.

Roy: How... she has been with me for the past two weeks.

Jessica: Just give me a second to see.'s yours.

Roy: But it's been two weeks, how in the world can she be pregnant now.

Jessica: Roy, our abilities come with a cost. Val has forward advanced infancy hormones in her body, her eggs develop twice as fast as normal humans. This advancement is connected with her mind so it explains the bloody nose.

Roy: We have to hurry Val to the hospital. But I can't smoke through the air because of Elias, you'll have to take her.

Jessica: That would be a good idea especially when Elias is still out there, same with OsCorp.

Roy: Do you mind if I crash here.

Jessica: Well it's the least I could do with you being family and all. Have some of my whiskey if you want.

Roy: Ah Thanks.

Jessica: I'll be back as soon as possible (Jessica exits).

(Roy sits down and turns on the tv)

Reporter: As the four teens that survived the explosion at the school library start to make a recovery, Miss Caldwin, 28, that worked at the school was pronounced dead approximately two hours ago after a seizure from her overdose.

Roy: Wait, What!

Reporter: Her boyfriend, Chad Miles, arrived just after her pronounced death. He has left the scene and has not made any comments on the matter.

Roy: When is this fucking life going to end, one bad thing after another. I got to go see Chad.

Val (voice in Roy's head): Don't do it babe. You must stay at Jess' apartment.

Roy: Miss Caldwin is dead and Chad is in complete distress. From what we did, the last thing we have to do is give Chad someone to lean on in this time.

Val (voice in Roy's head): OsCorp is on the search for you and Jess, we have to keep in the dark until I get conscious again.

Roy: Shit Val...I was scared I would lose you before.

Val (voice in Roy's head): I'm staying for sure Roy, double goes for our child now.

Roy: Man I...fine...I'll stay.

Val (voice in Roy's head): Good because...I can't lose you in this time of our lives and Roy...I love you.

Roy: I love you, get home safe.

(later on that night in Roy's dreams)

Norman: So is Charles' under still?

Cameron: Yes and so is Lexus.

Norman: I just hope working with the Flaming Sword was worth it.

Cameron: Well we're dealing with the devil so...let's hope this doesn't start anything with them.

Norman: As long as we are on full alert, them helping you kidnapping Roy will be the last time we see them.










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