Marvels Roy Grayson

Born into a poor and down on their luck family, Roy Grayson, a sixteen year old male who was born with a gift of smoke abilities such as smoke flames, flying and much more but on the midst of starting Year 12 he sees that his luck has struck when he meets Val Hullen who takes interest in him. They both bond as Roy learns of Roy's past and a certain tragedy within their school in New York occurs that sets off a huge chain of events.


1. Fate

Roy: So Roy, time to start your final year at high school. What to do, what to do.

Eren: Royyyyyyyyyy! Get your ass down here now.

Roy: K mum.

(down the stairs)

Eren: So here is your money for lunch and make sure to remind your sister that I have to work late at the club this afternoon so I can't that her and her friends to the mall so can you just remind her that after school.

Roy: Yes, yes, yes, I got this.

Eren: I now you do (touches Roy on the cheek). Now go before your father wakes up.

Roy: I'll see you later then.

(Roy exits house)

Hayden: Roy (hugs Roy).

Roy: Hayden it's great to see a familiar face after the holidays you know.

(starts to walk to school)

Hayden: It is especially since I heard about that attack that happened in Los Angeles two weeks ago.

Roy: Yeah it was sure to end bad with that guy with the metal arm going around blowing shit up. Luckily for me I wasn't anywhere near that part of town.

Hayden: Good because it would suck if you got hurt.

Roy: Ahhh it's me. You know with...myyyy abilities....I can defend against stuff like that.

Hayden: Better off not even fighting in the first place don't know what they are capable of.

Roy: Well you know what I'm all about. Smoke is my thing, just haven't used it for anything useful because showing off stuff like this in front of the world can put you out there. Onto the radar of people who are very dangerous and can pose a threat to me, my family and friends.

Hayden: Besides me as the world's concerned you are just a regular young joe.

Roy: Screw being regular, I mean I'm proud to have these abilities it just....not be able them for the greater good bums me out.

Hayden: You know why you can't and lets be honest here, the others like Iron Man and what not can protect this city alongside the many other heroes that keep the vermin that plague our streets at bay.

Roy: That's it Hayden. All they are doing is putting them in prison so they can break out and repeat the process all over again.

Hayden: Heroes wouldn't be heroes if they killed criminals.

Roy: Please...spare me. Heroes are people that protect the every day joe and go above and beyond for the greater good. They want to protect the world but they don't want it to change. It's sad to see this big ass city, New York, be open everyday to more and more danger.

Hayden: Looks like you can't wait to get out there and make a difference.

Roy: In my position who doesn't.

(walk through the front gate of school)

Roy: Anyway I got English first up so...I'll see you at lunch.

Hayden: I will see you then pilgrim (solutes Roy in comedic fashion).

(later in English class)

Miss Caldwin: Hello class and welcome to another fun year of English.

English Class: Yayyyy (moaning).

Miss Caldwin: Come on it's not all bad. For starters we have a new student in our class today, Miss Hullen please come up in front of the class please.

(Val comes to the front of the class)

Miss Caldwin: This is Val Hullen. She is here all the way from Paris so make her feel welcome to this class and around the school as well. Please take a seat Miss Hullen. Now please everyone let's begin with our new book for this year, Macbeth.

Jason: Fuuuuuuck.

Miss Caldwin: What was that language Mr Mitchells.

Jason: Go fuck yourself bitch.

Miss Caldwin: Get out of my classroom and get over to the principal's office, NOW!

(Jason exits)

Miss Caldwin: Damn teenagers, ok everyone lets get back to the book but first Miss Hullen.

Val: Yes miss.

Miss Caldwin: Please move to the front, since Jason is in the office you might as well take the front seat for yourself.

Val: As you wish.

Benny: Anyone been given Jason the odd sip of the bottle.

(laugher from students)

Miss Caldwin: Hahahahahaha shut up. Now can....we all...get back to class.

Benny: As you were Miss Caldwin.

Miss Caldwin: Thank you Benny, now everyone get your asses off them seats and lets take a trip to the library.

(On the way to the library)

Val: What was up with that guy back there?

Roy: No clue, it's not like Jason to just spout out shit like that but I guess the first day back isn't the best for anyone.

Val: Agreed, I'm Val.

Roy: Roy Grayson (handshake between Roy ad Val).

Val: This school you guys have here seems to be in the dangerous part of New York.

Roy: What place in New York isn't dangerous?

Val: Well I just thought since the appearance of the Avengers we would be living in a safer environment.

Roy: I would think so too. But the sad fact is the Avengers after all this time while going up against Loki and Ultron they have fallen from grace.

Val: What do you mean?

Roy: Think about it, Iron Man is gone, Captain America is MIA as well, Thor has gone back to Asgard. All the heroes we have looked up to is gone.

Val: I'm sure they're not gone on purpose, they sure have meaning.

Roy: Yeah well the truth is the Avengers don't live here. They can watch out for us and protect this city. It needs to be someone that lives here that will be the best option for bringing hope back to this dying city.

Val: Well maybe we just need somebody to step up to the take.

Roy: Nobody here is the best choice to fight against the ever so growing darkness that New York reeks of. They need to not only have the will power to rise up but to actually have the power to defeat the evil that preys and waits in the shadows.

Val: You seem like the patriotic type, why don't you step up.

Roy: Trust me, I'm not special.

Val: Are you?

(both Roy and Val stop to look into each others eyes for a brief moment then continue on)

Roy: In a way it's....hard to explain.

Val: Then enlighten me.

Roy: Fine, at lunch we can talk about your beliefs in this area.

Val: I will make sure to take you up on that offer.

(later at lunch)

Roy: Hayden.

Hayden: Who this you got with you?

Roy: Oh Val, she's new and I'm showing her around and she wanted to talk and I'm hearing her out.

Hayden: Great, great, good to see a new face around here, Welcome Val.

Val: It's nice to feel welcomed, I'm not used to this type of treatment.

Roy: Well you can expect to see it here.

(Roy and Val sit down at Hayden's table)

Val: I just wanted to tell you someone important, well show you.

Hayden: What would that be?

Val: Well pick out someone, anyone and I'll show you.

Roy: Ok well what about working your magic on Miss Caldwin.

Val: Simple.

(Miss Caldwin stops on her path and walks towards Roy)

Miss Caldwin: Roy Grayson.

Roy: Yes Miss Caldwin.

(Miss Caldwin kisses Roy)

Miss Caldwin: Ahhhh.

(Everyone stares at Miss Caldwin)

Miss Caldwin: I'm sorry I just ah (Miss Caldwin exits).

Val: Now, what to you say about that.

Roy: Wonderful...just wonderful.

(after school that day on the walk home)

Roy: Hey Anya.

Anya: What is it Roy?

Roy: Mom ask me to tell you that she's working so there won't be no pick up.

Anya: Are you fucking kidding me right now, you can't be serious.

Roy: Don't shoot the messenger sis. Rocco is making mom work late tonight.

Holly: Don't worry about it Anya, we can go tomorrow.

Nate: Holly has point, no need to get hyper about it now.

Anya: No...fucking...way. I have a responsibility to go Nate with you and Holly to the mall to hang out. Can't you lie Roy so I can get a lift with Holly and her boyfriend Mason.

Roy: Not a chance in hell.

Anya: Give me a break, bro. Damn it...can't that whore do her business without impacting my life.

Roy: You selfish bitch. Mom works her ass off to keep us all afloat and distant from that psycho of a father, Griffin and his nasty deals so how about showing some fucking respect towards our mother who has been nothing but kind and supportive of the things we get into.

Nate: Ay man your sister is just voicing her concern.

Roy: Stay the fuck out of this Nate.

Anya: Wow no need for that little brother.

Roy: Little brother, your three weeks older then me.

Anya: Still older.

Roy: Not the point, the point is your noisy little boyfriend can't mind his own business.

Anya: Roy (shocked).

Nate: Don't worry Anya...Roy is just jealous.

Roy: Jealous of Nate I've also got so many ribs, spare me. You are the least respected guy at this school. You've been the hassle of every down on their luck kid that is unlucky enough to be targeted by you and your goons of merry men. But have you seen a change asshole.

Nate: Not much why, I still run the school so I say its pretty much the same.

Roy: used to be feared by everyone at this school but I want you...for just a split moment...look into my eyes, what do you see? I'll tell you, somebody that is not only not afraid but willing to kick your ass any day.

Nate: Oh really...loser...then how about we settle this tomorrow afternoon, after school.

Holly: Why the wait Nate, why don't you teach him a lesson now?

Nate: I'm a fair person, give you time to comprehend the pain you will experience tomorrow.

Roy: You should do the same.

Nate: Whatever, see you then. Oh and Roy...bring your bitch with you too. To see you get beaten by the best.

(Roy clinches his fists)

Val: Calm down Roy, save it for tomorrow. Ay dickhead.

Nate: You talking to me slut.

Val: Yeah should walk away and be prepared for tomorrow cause you will need it.

Nate: Whatever, see you two fuckers tomorrow alright.

(Nate, Anya and Holly exit)

Val: How you taking that situation?

Roy: With a grain of salt, can't trust that guy with my sister.

Val: If you beat him tomorrow that won't be a problem when he knows the true man his girlfriend's brother is.

Roy: Great compliment.

Val: I try.

Roy: What I'm concerned about is killing the guy.

Val: I know you will make the right choice when it comes to it.

Roy: Will you...Val Hullen...escort me to this most dangerous of events tomorrow.

Val: I'll be there.
















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