Marvels Roy Grayson

Born into a poor and down on their luck family, Roy Grayson, a sixteen year old male who was born with a gift of smoke abilities such as smoke flames, flying and much more but on the midst of starting Year 12 he sees that his luck has struck when he meets Val Hullen who takes interest in him. They both bond as Roy learns of Roy's past and a certain tragedy within their school in New York occurs that sets off a huge chain of events.


4. Angels and Demons

Jessica: I'll get you out of there.

Roy: How the hell am I not able to smoke out?

Jessica: Elias has taken your ability to smoke out away.

Roy: You telling me he took my powers away from me.

Jessica: Kind of, you can still blast smoke burst just no smoking through the air.

Val:  You going to be ok Roy?

(Jessica breaks Roy out of the metal bars)

Roy: Yeah I'm fine. Shit (Roy runs over to Hayden). No, no, no what the fuck man. Hayden, Hayden can hear me.

Hayden: Roy, I can feel my legs (in pain).

Roy: Just stay still we'll get help. Val, Jessica quickly...go get help.

Jessica: Val keep watch for the ambulance, I'll take Jason and Benny to the hospital (Jessica grabs Jason and Benny and flies off).

Hayden: Did Elias hurt you?

Roy: No I'm fine but that doesn't matter. I worried more about you.

Hayden: Never less supportive are you.

Roy: Well you mean a lot to me. I never my friends behind, especially you.

Hayden: I feel like I'm not going to make it Roy (crying).

Roy: You will, trust me.

Hayden: I do, I do.

Roy: Good because I can't lose you.

(Hayden stares at Roy and kisses him)

Hayden: I'm not going no where.

Roy: Damn right your not.

Val: Look the ambulance are here, pick up Hayden and let's get her to them now.

(Roy helps Hayden to the ambulance)

Roy: Be strong Hayden, I'll meet at the hospital later.

Hayden: See you there.

Val: Seems she'll be ok.

Roy: For now but I don't know about the rest. We have to go see what's up at the hospital.

Val: We'll do that but are feeling ok?

Roy: Yeah I'm feeling swell, my best friend is in critical pain and most of my other friends are unconscious and who knows how bad their conditions truly are.

Val: Look I'm just asking, I worry about you sometimes ok.

Roy: I know Val it's is not the time. We can talk about us later, after we head to hospital.

Val: Then lets get to it.

(Roy and Val head to the hospital)

Roy: Hey nurse do you know where Hayden Melody's room is?

Nurse: Yes, she is on the third floor, room 5.

(Roy and Val rush to Hayden)

Roy: No, is she ok Doc?

Doctor Octavius: Hayden is in coma, it's not looking good for her.

Roy: What's wrong?

Doctor Octavius: Her physical condition is critical. Hayden's spine has been fractured in several places.

Roy: Oh god, what happens now then?

Doctor Octavius: She's stable for now but we need to think about what to do about her spine.

Val: There has to be something you can do Doc.

Doctor Octavius: Maybe, but for now we just need to keep an eye on her for when she awakens.

Roy: Is it aright if stay with her?

Doctor Octavius: Definitely just be careful alright.

Val: Thanks Doc.

Doctor Octavius: No problem, but you kids should know that your other friends are on the next floor if you want to check on them. They aren't as bad but they are all in a coma so they won't be doing a lot of talking.

Roy: Val can you check on the others please while on stay with Hayden.

Val: Sure thing, just call if you need anything.

Roy: Sure, thank you.

(Val and Doctor Octavius exit)

Roy: Don't give up Hayden, stay strong. I'm here with you.

(an hour pasts)

Val: Ah Roy.

Roy: What's happening.

Val: Can you come with me for a second I need to show you something.

Roy: Yeah sure.

Val: It's room 12 on this floor.

Roy: What are you showing me.

Val: Just trust me.

(Val shows Roy room 12)

Roy: So what's so....oh's Miss Caldwin. Why is she here?

Val: Octavius said that she overdosed on ice.

Roy: What, why? I never thought Miss Caldwin to be an addict.

Val: The Doc says she just started taking it. It's my fault Roy.

Roy: No, what are talking about?

Val: The Doc also explained she was talking before and that she was taking it because of the fact she lost her job. But what really pushed her to overdosing was when she was caught injecting herself by her boyfriend, Chad. Chad left her and that's what left her to be placed in here. I've fucking killed her Roy (starts crying).

Roy: (hugs Val) Hey don't be like that Val. Miss Caldwin will be fine.

Val: It's not just that I destroyed her life.

Roy: Well maybe we can fix it.

Val: How?

Roy: You think you could find where Chad live?

Val: I should but how would that be of use?

Roy: I got a plan.

(Two hours later)

Roy: So this is his apartment?

Val: I'm sure of it.

Roy: (knock knock knock) Open up. Remember what I said Val.

Val: I've got this.

Chad: (opens door) What is it...what do you kids want.

Val: Is that how you address guests, you should invite us in.

Chad: You can...sure...sorry I've just had a lot of things on my mind lately. Please come in.

Roy: Much obliged.

Chad: So what do two want?

Val: Not much, just for you to forgive Miss Caldwin for the drugs and get back with her.

Chad: I'm not getting back with an addict ok and that is for damn sure.

Val: It was just a time thing, she has had a lot on her mind as well. Same as you have.

Chad: Maybe I was a bit hasty to judge, fine I'll give it one more shot.

Roy: Good because she is in the hospital, overdose after you left her.

Chad: Oh my god, I never meant to...I got to get down there.

Roy: That would a good idea for everyone.

(later walking down Val' street)

Val: We did a good thing today.

Roy: We, it was mostly you and your set of skills.

Val: You came up with the idea, we both did it, we can't give Miss Caldwin her job back but we did what we could.

Roy: For sure. At least some good came out of such a bad situation. It's what we have to do anyway.

Val: What do you mean?

Roy: It's the responsibility of people like us to keep the balance between good and evil, the light and the darkness, a balance between angels and demons.

Val: It's good to see you can realise that.

Roy: With what's happened eyes have opened more then every before.

(Roy and Val arrive at Roy's house)

Val: Both of our eyes have opened. So I guess this is were you get off.

Roy: Ahhh do you mind if I crash at your house tonight.

Val: Why what's wrong.

Roy: Nothing,'s just I fear Elias is going to come after us again and I just want to protect the one's I care about.

Val: So you care about me, so you like me?

Roy: I ahhh.

(Val kisses Roy)

Val: I like you too.

Roy: So I guess it's time for us to have that talk.

Val: I guess so.










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