Marvels Roy Grayson

Born into a poor and down on their luck family, Roy Grayson, a sixteen year old male who was born with a gift of smoke abilities such as smoke flames, flying and much more but on the midst of starting Year 12 he sees that his luck has struck when he meets Val Hullen who takes interest in him. They both bond as Roy learns of Roy's past and a certain tragedy within their school in New York occurs that sets off a huge chain of events.


7. A Coming Darkness

Jessica: So where do we head first to search for clues, got any ideas.

Elias: First stop, OsCorp.

(Three hours earlier)

Roy: Man Val...please be ok.

(door gets knocked down)

Iron Man: Stand down Roy.

Roy: (smokes blast Iron Man) Stay away.

(Iron Man shakes off blast and fires stun pallet at Roy)

Roy: What have me.

Iron Man: Keeping you stable for what I'm about to say, so listen up. You are needed for a war that is brewing within the government and the world of super being's. 

Roy: I cant do it Tony...I am fighting a war of my own.

Iron Man: Trust me when I say this is more important.

Roy: How would you know, you don't know me.

Iron Man: I know your name is Roy Grayson, 16 going on 17, advancement is smoke, girlfriend and mother of your unborn child Val Hullen, most of your friends are in the hospital. I know more about you then anybody else. Listen...what's happening is former heroes have gone rogue and with your help we can stop people I worked with, friends...from destroying the reputation of every hero and what we stand for.

Roy: Why in the world do you need me?

Iron Man: Well one because you are one gifted teen that can be apart of something greater and the other reason of the rogue agents is one of your parents. So what do you say...will you join me?

Roy: What about my other family, my girlfriend.

Iron Man: I've got a friend that will take care of them while we're gone.

Roy: Leave the world I've known all my life that has been normal but a lie. For a world I've been created to protect live a life of meaning...sign me up.








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