Callateral damage (lrh)

Nassatie a foreign exchange student from New York visiting Sydney Australia.she moves in with a nice family, but are they just collateral damage for her plans to get away from her bad mother and even worse stepdad. what happens when she falls for a blond boy in a band? Will stay after her year in Aussie or will she runaway to LA like she planed


3. the band

"Joy said you were from New York?" Luke asked

"Umm ya." I say looking down at my shadow the setting sun castes across the side walk.

"That really cool one day maybe we could visit you in New York I've always wanted to go there." He said as calum fell back into step with us.

"So do you like Aussie so far?" He asked trying to fill the silence that I created

"Haven't seen much of it but ya." I say shyly hoping he won't ask anymore questions

"So do you has a big family back in NYC?" He said agesnt my silent wishes.

"Ya it's my mom stepdad and a little brother and 3 older brothers." I say not happy with the question that was asked but little did I know the next question was far worse.

"Were they nice? You seem nice so I'm just guessing they are, are they?" Calum asked and luke watched me very carefully as I unwarned my burger.

"I guess I don't really know." I say which is I lie I knew if there nice or not but there not nice and he doesn't need to know that.

"Oh cool." Calum fell in to silence for the first time sence I met him and ate his food.

When we got back to the house the boys invited me to the garage with them.

"Nessy do you like music?"Michael asked

"Ya I love music." I say smiling a real smile for the first time sense I can't even remember when.

"Wanna hear us play?" Ashton asked

"Ya that would be great." I smile they started to sing A team by ed sheeran... I love this song!!!

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