Callateral damage (lrh)

Nassatie a foreign exchange student from New York visiting Sydney Australia.she moves in with a nice family, but are they just collateral damage for her plans to get away from her bad mother and even worse stepdad. what happens when she falls for a blond boy in a band? Will stay after her year in Aussie or will she runaway to LA like she planed


2. first glance

"Hi my name is Nessatie"u say shyly to a tall brunett with tanner skin like her mothers

"Mali-koa" she smiles "I have no idea where my brother is, probably at one of his friends houses."

"Well you should go look at Luke's or Ashton's please?"joy says to Mali-koa

"Do I-" then she stop and went out the door , joy gave her a look.

"So what would you like for dinner"joy asked. After she picked me up from the airport we went a few places, and I guess it took all day

"It doesn't matter I'm not picky." I lie , truth is I'm very pick my mom would make me cook for my self 'cause I was so picky.

"Oh alright then I'll let the boys pick." She smiles going into the kitchen and I sit in the living room on my gray iPhone 5

"Mom! Cal brought all his little friends over!"Mali-koa grunted slamming the door in a scrawny tan boys face

"Mom! Mali was making fun of Luke for his sunglasses again!" The boy yelled walking in to the house followed by a blond boy with green sunglasses (very green) and a blondish boy with a fringe and a taller blond boy with a sweep/fringe. I'm guessing the boy with the green glasses was Luke.

"Mali be nice and Calum meet Nessy our foreign exchange student, I wave shyly

"Hi, where are you from" he asked sitting next to me and the other boys plopped down around us.

"New York." I whisper

"Is it cold there?" The boy with the blondish fringe asked

"Yes very, what's your name?"

"Oh sorry I'm Michael that's Luke and he's Ashton." The boy with the blondish fringe said and I was right about the boy with the sunglasses.

"Oh, hi"I fake smile, I don't really like people.

"What do you want for dinner boys?" Joy asked

"MCDONALDS!!!!" All the boys yell in unison, which have me a heart attack.

We were all walk to Mc Donald's and me and Luke fell into step.i have to admit he was kinda cute in a weird glasses kind of way, but I did like his shades.

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