The Legend of Klaus

The life of Santa Claus is not all warm milk and cookies like the stories say. Klaus, the newest Saint Nick has filled this position for the last 10 years, dutifully watching over the world's good magic reserves and the classic, popular, elven practice of toy making and distribution at christmas time. However, Klaus's life is not all candy canes and christmas bows, nothing at all like it in fact. There is the constant threat of Jack Frost's ice demons to deal with, uncooperative, impish elves to handle, Puzzling flares within the North Pole's force field, and of course the strange girl, Jesabelle, who fell out of the sky; a possible cure to Klaus's inevitable life of loneliness and isolation.


1. The Girl and the Saint

Chapter 1

The Girl and the Saint

Jesabelle Faulkner staggered from her bed in a blurry haze. The blinding noise of her alarm blared annoyingly in the back of her head. Slamming her palm down on the loud machine, she sighed heavily, taking in a deep breath of dry december air. Wearing only her pajamas and a fuzzy robe of christmas colors, she made her way down the stairs carefully and took her place at the table where her roommate already sat, sipping her favorite peppermint cream latte. “Are you seriously still hyped up on that Christmas coffee of yours? It the 29th! Christmas is over,” Jessabelle said teasingly.

“Christmas may be over, but peppermint and coffee is so not!” Lindy said dramatically, laying an elbow on the scratched, circular table while stirring creamer into her already sweet drink. “Anyways, you’re still wearing that silly robe your mom sent you for Christmas. I think that’s a little more obnoxious than taking peppermint at breakfast,’

“Whatever. It’s comfy and warm so the holiday colors don’t matter,” Jesabelle said matter-of-factly.  

“Okay, we’re even then,” Lindy said with a burst of giggles in which Jesabelle soon joined in. After both the girls composed themselves they returned to their breakfast, Jesabelle now in the process of buttering some toast and Lindy finishing off her coffee.

“When are you heading out to work?” Jesabelle asked.

“Fifteen minutes, although I really wish I didn’t have to. I was just starting to get used to this whole Christmas break thing!”

“Agreed,” Jesabelle replied and her roommate only frowned at her.

“What are you talking about? You don’t have to work! You got it easy girl!”

“Not for long,” Jesabelle said with a pause, fingering her long brown hair uneasily. “My parents are cutting off my housing fund,”

“What do you mean! Did this just come out of nowhere? What did you do!” Lindy demanded in surprise.

“Nothing! Nothing! Well, at least I think I did nothing,” Jesabelle said with a pause and slight smile. “It’s just that I’ve been out of the house for over a year and my parents have paid for everything! Now they’re saying if they are going to pay for my collage, I need to start paying for something... my housing to start.”

“Girl! You haven't had a real job in your whole life. How do they expect you to start now?”

“I don’t know Lin. I really don’t know,” Jesabelle said, settling forlornly back into her seat at the table, now holding a limp piece of buttered toast drizzled with overflowing honey.

“I’m so sorry! I’ll help you find a job. I have some connections at my previous work places and I’m sure I could find someone to hire you!” Lindy said with enthusiasm.

“Thanks Lin. I really appreciate it. I’ve already started looking and I even turned in an application to Mocha Jo’s down the street. I know you used to work there so maybe you could pull a couple strings with the manger?”

“Anything for you! I owe you a jillion anyways so It will be no big deal!” Lindy said jubilantly. Jesabelle smiled at her and gave her a big hug.

“Hey you got to get going girl or you’re going to be late for work,” Jesabelle suddenly said, looking up at the microwave clock in the middle of her hug.

“Oh my goodness! You are totally right! Thanks!” Lindy said as she released Jesabelle in panic. Shuffling on her shoes and grabbing her bag from the coat hanger, she swung out the door, waving a quick goodbye to her friend.



In a different far northern part of the world, Klaus sat at a table, picking through a bowl of warm cereal sprinkled with brown sugar. He sighed deeply and pushed away from the table. Just as he did, a small elfling raced to the place where he had just been sitting, leaping onto the plush chair with a quick flit of its short wings. It grabbed the bowl clumsily from the table, only managing to spill a small amount on itself. “Careful Pikwick,” Klaus groaned. The impish elfling approached his master and thus proceeded to flick a small amount of the gruel towards his face with its spindilly, small index finger. Klaus quickly sidestepped the attack and picked the elfling up by its puny flitting wings. It squirmed furiously and kicked, but it’s small size produced no such successful attack. “Oh Pikwick! I’ve told you ‘gain and again to ask for help with your duties if you cannot properly do them on your own!” Klaus said forlornly, roughly annoyed. The naughty Elf only proceeded to spit it’s tongue in Klaus’s face and jump down from his grasp, landing on the floor with a light thump and running away into the kitchen. “Stupid thing,” Klaus muttered vaguely to himself, running his hand through his already ruffled hair. “It’s rather hot in here isn’t it?” Klaus continued to talk to himself, knowing no close by elf would care to listen to what he said. He knew it was a bad habit, but he continued it anyway. In a way, It made him feel less lonely. “Must have left the fire on,” he contiued. He thus proceeded with a pitcher of water with which he threw on the fire, letting the beautiful lights flicker out. On any other day for the most part he would have enjoyed to watch the fire. He was in fact not hot, nor was he cold. That was one of the many perks of his job. However, he was irritated today and was not in the mood for such little enjoyments. “It’s much too hot,” He continued to mutter and ripped his shirt off, letting it fall to the ground. A small effeminate elf ran to the clothing and picked it up, racing away to the laundry, or so Klaus hoped. The elves of recent had not been doing their jobs very well. By recent, Klaus meant the last five years. When he wanted them to clean, they only made things dirtier. When he wanted to speed up toy production, they went slower. It was exceptionally irritating.

When he was first given this job, it seemed fun, magical, maybe even exciting. Quickly it had become lonely and trapping. He was in a place unlike any other in the world, a magical, vast protected glade filled with a large evergreen forest and a huge log cabin with extensive underground chambers. He was responsible for so much, still it seemed like nothing most days. He never got to see the effects of his work so it seemed pointless.

Klaus decided the push the harrowing thoughts away for the moment. He thus continued to make his way from the large living room and into the wood paneled kitchen where a intricate, narrow, iron work spiral staircase rose from the floor. Quickly he descended the stairs, his heavy footsteps echoing on the hard metal beneath his feet. Soon, his pace slowed and he found himself within a chamber, completely walled and floored in wood. The only object in the room was a small fountain, only reaching up to Klaus’s shoulders. No water flowed through through the stone fountain. Instead, a stream of glowing, sparkling, ice blue liquid surged through it, pulsing with a vague life-like glow. It was beautiful. A material of supreme beauty and power. Still for how many times Klaus’s pale face had been bathed in the cool glowing light, he still remained awed. He rested a cupped hand in the livid liquid. The material refreashed him entirely, taking away his worries for a mere moment. It was hard to explain the feeling. I was cool, but Klaus knew that couldn’t be. He was impenetrable to any temperature, no matter it’s strength, or so he had been told. The liquid also seemed the vibrate in a way, always in accordance to it’s pulsing light waves. It was amazing. Klaus rose his cupped hand above his head and slowly let the liquid run down his body. It hit his head first, momentarily marring his pure white hair with a shimmering blue. It continued to run down his face and flowed over his chest and back. He neede this. He watched as the constantly moving liquid ran down his pants and hit the ground, evaporating into a shimmering, magical mist. Soon, all traces of the liquid had disappeared and Klaus fully righted himself. He was just about the make a move towards the stairs when a sudden tremor rocked the ground beneath his feet. “No! Not again! Not today!” Klaus yelled fiercely to no one in particular. “No, no, no! Arthur! Quick! I know you can hear me! We are being attacked!”

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