The Secret

With a lost past and an unknown future, this young man is only thinking of the greater good and finishing what his family had started years before. But still unaware of the upcoming, will he be able to do it?


2. Two

The day turned to night in the town of Aldley, the towns people were bringing in their animals and closing up their shops. Solan sat on his front step watching as the sun came to set. His dark brown hair was pulled back into a tie, his face held small stubble and his dark green eyes stared at the reflection of the sun in the waterbed close to his town. It separated him and his people from the forest beyond it. 

He hadn't noticed as he was in his deep trance that the wind had picked up, clouds began to roll in as the reflection disappeared. Houses begand to creak and the sky darkened, lightning struck near the water and Solan stood up quickly to the sound of thunder. His heart sped up in his chest as he looked around at his town, it was hidden by hills and trees surrounding the hills, there couldn't have been a tornado here!

The storm sped up and the water in the river burst, spitting something out like a baby would with vegetables. Solan watched in terror as a lightning bolt struck again, and again, and again. Finally with a couple of mumbled words he brought his arms up, with his hands together, to the sky and spread them slowly. The wind reversed and the clouds parted, going either direction and the thunder and lightning came to a hault. The river's waves had slowed and was now just a wave among a light wind. 

He made his way slowly down to the river bed, a wailing sound began, hurting his ears. As he neared the source, a bundle was next to a rock on the edge of land and water, it was shakingb slightly and the screams became more readable. Solan kneeled next to it and removed the cloth to reveal a crying baby. His chest was bare and his hair was a blonde, he wasn't a new born, but a couple of months old. 

People began to come back outside, lighting their torches as night took over. Solan snapped his fingers, lighting one of the torches next to him so he could see better. The baby still cried as Solan examined the baby without touching him, a piece of paper was tucked into the planket, he pulled it out and read it carefully. But there was only one word to be read...


Solan's heart skipped a beat as he srared blankly at the paper, people gathered around behind him, children peaking out windows and doors. Parents whispering to one another, he stared for what seemed like forever until he realized the baby had stopped screaming. He peaked over the paper at him to see his big light blue eyes staring back. It almost came as a shock but the baby's head cocked a little to one side then broke out in laughter. Solan smiled at the child then tucked the note into his breast pocket.

He leaned in and picked the child up carefully who kicked his arms and legs out excitedly. Solan cradled him in his arms then stood up and turned to his people, they all watched in awe as they looked at him. "No one must ever speak of this night to anyone or anything. People have ears and so do the trees, we will keep this night in the back of our minds but never forget. When he is ready to know, only then will we reveal this night." 

With that everyone was silent and they made their way back to their homes, shewing their children inside. Solan walked slowly up to his home and smiled down at the child, "you were meant for great things, I know it." With that he took the baby inside.

Years had past, the town had kept the secret of the strange baby appearing out of the water. The children never remembered the event so they never had a problem with keeping a secret for so long. The boy, known as Dicio grew till he was 6 ft tall with long blonde hair and bright blue eyes, his face rather masculine and his body of normal male size. 

He knew Solan as his father and his mentor. Ever since his ninth birthday he could remember being taught magic. Solan always reminded Dicio that he was special and was the future of this world. Dicio would just laugh it off, thinking he was just telling him that so he wouldn't give up. He didn't know what it actually meant till this day, when his life changed forever.

The sun rose brightly in the sky, the sky was a brilliant blue with no clouds in sight. The suns rays shone through Dicio's window onto his feet, warming his cot. Saliva trickled out the corner of his mouth as his snores filled the corner of the room. 

Across from his bed the door slowly creeped open, a dark green eye peeked through the crack. The door slid all the way open without a creak, he stepped into the room and looked around; stopping at the boy. With flick of his wrist the cot was pulled away, leaving a boy in his garments. 

Dicio reached for the blanket, but couldn't find it so opened his eyes to look around. His eyes stopped on Solan and then his head fell back down as he closed his eyes. "It's my day off, let me sleep till noon and then I'll consider getting up." His finger twitched and the blanket came back up over him. 

Solan rolled his eyes and pulled the cot off for himself and threw it to the floor. "You must awake now, the time has come and we need to begin packing." Solan demanded and walked over his clothes and kicked them on the ground. "You need to be more organized." He advised then walked over to the door once more.

"Are we moving?" Dicio questioned as he stretched his arms and legs. Solan sighed and rubbed his eyes.

"So much to learn in such little time." He mumbled and walked out of the room without answering Dicio's question. Dicio huffed as he played there staring up at the ceiling. (I'm 19 years of age now, I should be able to make my own decisions!) He looked around his room, which was in the home of Solan's. (...okay... Maybe when I get my own home). 

Solan walked out and into the kitchen, his heart ached as he searched for the way to break it to him. Dicio was like his son, he raised him from when he was just an infant. Now had to tell him that he wasn't his father and his father was dead, possibly buried under 10 feet of snow and dirt. 

Solan ran his fingers through his gray beard and stared out the kitchen window at the 10" of snow. "So much things in so little time." 

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