The Secret

With a lost past and an unknown future, this young man is only thinking of the greater good and finishing what his family had started years before. But still unaware of the upcoming, will he be able to do it?


7. Seven


The wizard named Arc sat on a rock sipping his stale venom. He glanced sideways.

He should have been here by now. He is late again. Filth.

He rested his back on the rock and slowly drank his last sip before coming to halt. He again glanced sideways. There was no sign of him. He was never late. But today it seem pretty odd. Arc took out his wand and statrted chanting spells. The cup filled with more venom, he drank it quietly. The fire cracked beside him as the flames were now beginning to die and the hot wooden charcoal burned with the croaking sound. The trees were uneven in height and the dusk was slowly spreading its arms to cover the sky. 

Finally there was a sound of a cracking branch and Arc turned to see Markus standing there with a robe over his back. Arc chuckled softly and turned to the dying flames and tossed a log into it. "I see he's made you the Minister, I have no doubt he passed normally." 

Markus stared at the thin man, he had a long beard and hair tied into a bun. His hatred basically radiated off of him, yet guilt was strong inside him and was crunching on his bones and organs. "Just give me what I came for, Master wouldn't want me to be late..."

"Ahhhh yes, Oklarth. He's gotten, shall I say, shallow?" He laughed and Markus clenched his fists around his swords handles. 

"We do not speak his name." Markus muttered as he began to walk toward Arc.

"Yes, young one, 'we' does not mean I." He prodded the wood in the fire with his sword as he watched the flames grow once more. "Do you even know who your master is?" He questioned, making Markus pause. "Have you ever thought that maybe his ways weren't the best? Or maybe you doubted or... Hmmm... Regret something you did for him?"

Markus shook his head and clenched his fists, "just hand it over or I'll take it myself." Arc turned to look at the new minister and smirked.

"So, you think you can take on a full trained master of wizardry?" Markus kept eye contact with him, not letting him see all his fear and guilt hidden deep inside.

"If it means getting my master what he wants, then I shall." Arc shook his head and sighed.

"Will when your generation learn..." He pulled out a small sack and held it out to him. "May you be warned, if anyone touches this dust, everything will be taken from them... Their knowledge, their memories, their sanity. Until nothing is there but their mind and their empty heart." Markus neared him and took the sack, then turned away and began to walk off before Arc continued. "Do not let Oklarth know you have this, your secret is safe with me." 

Markus paused once more, frightened that he was lying. He turned his head to look over his shoulder at Arc who nodded at him. Then Markus turned and vanished.

Finally after hours in the dark forest, light appeared up ahead. Dico's heart lifted in relief as he sped up, heading towards the light. Solan slowed to keep pace with him and nodded towards the light. "I want you to be aware of your surroundings Dicio, don't let anything distract you while we are on this mission."

Dicio nodded, not really listening. The sun came closer and closer till it's rays rested on their cold skin. He took in a deep refreshing breath, but it was soon knocked out of him and he fell to the ground. His chest ached as he groaned, trying to sit up. He finally gained back his vision to see Solan fighting off a man dressed in all black.

Solan blocked the man's punches and kicks with his walking stick while another man ran up behind him. Instantly Dicio raised his hand and pushed it forward, tossing the man a dozen feet across from them. Solan knocked out the other man who lay on the ground tired. 

Dicio finally stood and followed Solan to the other man laying on the ground. He moaned and began to get up, but Solan pushed him back down with his stick. "Why are you here and who sent you?" Solan demanded and kicked him in the face.

The mask fell off and a woman's face appeared from under it. She turned her head as she stared at them and spit out some blood. She smiled a little, obviously not going to talk. She tried to trip Solan but Dicio stepped on her ankle and put pressure till the bone cracked under it. She let out a cry of pain.

"Tell us or you lose your foot." Dicio demanded, Solan looked at him, knowing he was lying. 

The woman cried out once more then shouted, "alright! Alright! It hurts, stop!" Dicio lifted his foot off her ankle as tears fell from her eyes. She quickly wiped them away. "We were sent by our Master to capture you both or just the boy and take the boy and you to him." She went to grab her ankle, Dicio lifted his foot and she winced, leaning back on her arms and whimpering softly.

"Who is your master?" Solan questioned, the woman just mumbled and Dicio went to stomp.

"Markus! Markus! His name... It's Markus!" Dicio set his foot down and smirked a little then looked to Solan, he was staring ahead of him, but not at the girl. He looked far away to Dicio. 

Finally Solan looked to the girl then walked away, Dicio looked between both of them then fled after him. "Who is Markus?" Dicio asked.

"No one of importance to you right now." Solan mumbled as they came to a large clearing, far ahead of them, about a days journey, was a castle and a large town. The sky was full on blue, no cloud in sight. The sun was high in the sky and there was a light breeze that blew through the dark green grass and seemed to pull them towards the town. Dicio looked on in amazement and the castle, he had never seen a building of this size before.

"I want you to keep a look out for anymore of those people; they may be watching us." Dicio nodded and looked at Solan excitedly.

"May we go now?" He began to walk to the castle, Solan rolled his eyes at Dicio's child like behavior then followed him.

About 2 days later...

Oklarth sat in the Minister's chair awaiting him, his long fingernails tapping on the hard wood desk. He checked the clock on the wall, it was passed 8:30. Oklarth stood up, his anger beginning to rise. He looked down at the blood stained carpet then back up at the door. It's knob twisted and Markus came in quickly, he stopped dead when he saw Oklarth standing there by his desk.

Had he ratted me out? His blood wturned cold and he could feel a chill go up his spine as he slipped the baggy in his pocket. He gave a little smile ,"what can I do for you, Master?" He questioned as he came over to his desk and took a paper from off of it. 

A man ran in quickly, dressed in fine jewelry and expensive cloths. He did not look at the bony man which seemed to be floating, but Markus stared right at him. Hatred burned strong in him, but he tried to hold it down and drown it in his mind. "I've come to check on the progress of the boy, I need answers." 

Markus shuffled through the papers on the desk, not really looking through them as he stacked them. "I have sent a couple of men after them, they should arrive here-" 

Just then the doors flew open and two guards, side by side, rched in. They parted and a man came through, holding a man dressed in all black by the arm and dropped her at his feet. As he...she fell to the ground, Markus stared at her for a moment an looked up at the guards. "Who is this?" He questioned, the man dressed in all black replied.

"She's the other 'man' you sent out to retrieve your prisoners." Markus looked down at the woman who groaned in pain from her broken ankle.

"I hadn't sent out a woman, she must be an imposter." He kneeled next to her and took her chin in his hand and looked over her face.

"Who are you? And how did you get passed my men?" She tore her head from him.

"I am Firion, and I have been training all my life to be in this line of work." Markus chuckled.

"Feisty I see, but we do not allow women to be in the line of duty. You should know that, and the price you pay for impersonating a man." Markus stood and looked to his guards. "Where is the boy?" 

"He nor his master were caught, they are somewhere in the next city." Oklarth's hands clenched into fists and he turned to Markus, a bead of sweat ran down his neck as he could feel his Master's stare.

"Take her away, and send out a troop to find them. I want them here in 3 days or else someone will take their place." With that the men were excused and one grabbed the girl's arms and began dragging her out.

She panicked and threw her arms away from the guard, "wait! I can help!" Markus looked up at the woman and chuckled.

"And how would you do that?" 

She thought for a moment, "I can get them to you, I can make them trust me. If they trust me I can lure them both here to you, they'll think I'm helping them." The guard yanked her arms again. "Please, Minister!" She cried out.

Markus thought for a moment, then he shook his head. "Fine, but if you don't have him here by midnight in the next three days, I will send out my guards and have all three of your heads on a pole by the gate." Firion sighed in relief and the man dragged her out as the door shut.

His Master and him were left alone and Markus turned to him, "we will have them soon, Master."

Oklarth glared at him then snarled. "You better have them Markus, for your sake."

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