The Secret

With a lost past and an unknown future, this young man is only thinking of the greater good and finishing what his family had started years before. But still unaware of the upcoming, will he be able to do it?


9. Nine

It was nearly dark, the sun was beginning to fade from behind Dicio as he stared at the strange old man. He continued to examin him through squinted eyes, the old man's chapped lips lifted in the corner to create a small smirk but his eyes remained emotionless. "Now, move along. Before I make you." The man threatened, but Dicio just aughed it off.

"What are you going to do, old man? Beat me with your walking stick and expect me to take it?" The old man kept his smirk stitched to his face and his eyes stared into, what seemed like, Dicio's soul.

"Has anyone ever taught you to respect your elders? Or did your parents die trying?" Dicio's hand clenched his wand and drew it up so it pointed at the old man.

"Don't you dare talk about my parents! You don't even know me!" Dicio's voice was louder as he spoke.

"Don't bring up a soldier's battle scars... I know you all too well." Dicio's heart was pounding with anger and he flicked his wand, sending out a fire ball at the man. But the man didn't move but a finger and the fire disappeared from the air. Dicio watched in disbelief.

"Who are you?" He questioned, keeping his wand up, although it didn't protect him much. 

There was a few moments of silence before he replied, but not answering the question. "Solan really hasn't taught you enough. How are you supposed to be the savior if you couldn't save yourself?" And with that he moved his finger and long black strings appeared on the dirt ground, surrounding Dicio. "Let's see how you take this..." He snapped his fingers and like a flash, the strings became large black snakes. They were as long a his leg and as thick as his neck, their hisses began to fill his ears as they slithered closer.

Dicio was terrified, but tried not to show it. He thought of as many spells as possible as he tried to destroy the snakes. One after the other they blew up into dust and blue smoke, but they kept reappearing. "Call them off!" Dicio demanded as he backed up against the stone shack, the snakes falling in closer.

The old man just stood there and watched as the snakes began to slither up on his leg. Then, Solan appeared from the exit of the arena, his hand shooting up and the snakes blew up into blue smoke. Dicio's heart began to slow down as he took in deep breaths. "What do you think you're doing with my apprentice?" Solan walked towards the old man and so did Dicio.

"Let's make him suffer, painfully and slowly suffer." Dicio came up, gripping his wand in his hand. Solan stepped in front of Dicio facing the man. The man smirked as he looked over Solan's shoulder to the boy.

"Well isn't he a feisty one?" He chuckled then threw his arms around Solan, "It's good to see you, brother." Solan returned the heart warming hug, Dicio watched in disgust.

"Brother? Was that some fucking prank? Who is he?" Dicio demanded and Solan turned to him with a smile on his face. 

"Dicio this is my brother, Myron." Dicio tucked his wand away and crossed his arms over his chest, still disappointed. "Don't treat him with such disrespect Dicio, he taught me everything I know." He looked over at his older brother and smiled, something Dicio hadn't seen in a long time. Dicio relaxed a little bit and scratched the back of his neck, ashamed of how he acted.

He looked to Myron, "I'm sorry for how I acted." Myron laughed a little and smiled. "It's fine boy." He looked to Solan, his face becoming serious then glanced at Dicio and back. "We have a problem, Solan." Dicio watched curiously and Solan stared into his brother's eyes. 

"What is it? What is wrong?" Solan questioned, worry clearly showing in his voice. Myron managed a smile to keep his nerves at bay and looked to his leg. 

"It's back limp..."

"What? No! It can't be! It's too soon!" Solan looked to his leg, "maybe you just moved it wrong...pulled something!" Myron shook his head then looked to Dicio.

"What? What's wrong?" Dicio questioned.

"It's time..." Myron replied, "I'm dying."


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