The Secret

With a lost past and an unknown future, this young man is only thinking of the greater good and finishing what his family had started years before. But still unaware of the upcoming, will he be able to do it?


4. Four

Dicio sat on the wooden chair staring at the ground in front of him as Solan explained what he knew from his past. He explained the storm, the river, the note, everything. He explained it in perfect detail, as if it happened yesterday... Solan could feel his heart crush little by little with every word, his voice trying to stay steady.

It was about noon now as Solan finished the story of Dicio's past; Dicio just sat there, staring at the ground as his mind wrapped around what his father... His mentor was telling him. Finally, after what seemed like forever, he stood up and looked to Solan. He stared at him in silence for a moment then spoke, "why didn't you tell me sooner?" His voice came out in sort of whisper.

Solan tried to keep his voice steady as he replied, "I didn't want you growing up thinking you had the world on your back." He lowered his head in shame; he never cried in front of Dicio before, and he wasn't planning on it. "Dicio I-" his sentence was cut off by Dicio's arms wrapped around Solan. He stood there shocked for a moment as Dicio just held him there for a moment.

"I know how hard this was for you to keep this from me, but I thank you... Father." Solan stared at the wall for a moment then hugged Dicio back tightly. After a while Solan pulled away, but held Dicio's biceps as he looked at him and smiled proudly. 

"Even if you are not my biological son, you are still my boy. You will always be my boy, Dicio." Dicio smiled at him then took in a deep breath as Solan dropped his arms down after rubbing his eyes. "We must be off, we have a large distance to travel in a short time." Dicio nodded in agreement as he left the room to get his sack.

Solan grabbed his also and tossed it over his back as he walked out of his home. The sun was high in the sky and he took in a deep breath of fresh air, his head feeling lighter now that he wasn't holding back tears any longer. Dicio walked out after him and Solan walked into the middle of the small village. Catching people's attention so they'd walk after him and crowded around him. 

Once most of the village was out and putting all of their attention on Solan, he began. "Everyone must know what this day means, we have all discussed this day in meetings for the past decade..." People listened carefully to his words and waited in anticipation as he paused. "Today is the day that Dicio and I must leave the village on a journey that is bigger than the both of us. What we ask is that no one must speak of us or the years that has come to this. I know this is a difficult task but it is for the safety of us all." Everyone began to whisper and some children ran to their mothers in tears,

"What will happen to us while you're gone?" Man shouted.

"What if the war comes this way while you're not here?" A woman questioned as she gripped her skirt anxiously.

"Please do not worry, if everything is kept quiet and no one speaks of us, you all should be safe. Everything will go on as it always has, but I leave Namax in charge until I return." He motioned to Namax to step forth in front of the crowd. He was a large muscular man, he had a dark brown beard that matched his hair: which were both curly. His wife looked on proudly, she was also very muscular for woman. He came up to, at the least, 6 foot 7 inches.

"What if you don't come back!" A child cried in fear and more people spoke up.

Dicio watched as his eyes shot from one person to the other then stepped into the circle. "I promise to return him safely! I swear it on my life, and I never break me promise." Everyone subdued.

Solan spoke once more,"we are leaving here soon, wee need a mule and food." People began to break up and some came to say their goodbyes.

As Solan and Dicio left their home and on the road to their unknown future, a man wearing just old cloth stumbled in from the otherside of the village entry. Namax saw this and hurried over to the man, he fell to the ground on his back, breathing heavily. "Get water! We need water!" Namax ordered, everyone outside looked over to see what was happenning, his wife ran to get water from the well.

Namax sat by the man's side and lifted his head up off the ground. His eyes were partially open and his clothes were torn and dirty, he lost one shoe. His lips were dry and parted slightly as his long dark brown hair hung down behind him. He looked like he was in his 20s'. "I need... Wizard... Boy..." His voice was cracking as he said this and it came out in a whisper.

Namax stared at him as he tried to understand, his wife brought some water. Villagers were beginning to creep upnto the scene. Namax set the bowl to the mans lips and lifted it to let water soothe his dry throat. The man drank it quickly then fell back to Namax's palm. "Speak again sir, what happened to you?"

The man coughed and spoke again, "we are at war, my people were slaughtered but I got away. A wizard told me I must find the boy who was lost to us so many years ago." He coughed and Namax thought carefully of this. But he couldn't tell him of Solan or Dicio. "Please... I need the boy."

Namax spoke hesitantly, "if I...see him I will deliver your message." The man coughed once more and spoke up.

"Please tell me you know him! Where is he?" He questioned, getting in more breath. Namax looked up at everyone and kept his mouth shut. The man watched, a smile hidden. "So you have met him..." In an instant he vanished out of Namax's hands.

Everyone gasped and looked around for him. He reappeared behind Namax with two swords to his neck and sliced his throat. Everyone screamed and shouteas they ran for their homes and children. But one by one everyone's throat was sliced open and every body stabbed. 

Finally he came to the last child who sat under the table staring out at his parents dead on the floor. The man's face was covered in blood and so was his outfit. The small boy was about 10 years of age, drops of blood were scattered across his face. The man crept in and stood in front of him at the table. "Where are you?" He questioned teasingly, then it was lifted and thrown across the room.

The child coward against the wall in horror and began to cry. The man chuckled and kneeled in front of the boy. "Now now child, don't cry... I'm just here to get some information from you. If you give me the right answer I will leave you alone. It's like a game, okay?"

The boy glanced at him behind tears but continued to sob. "Stop crying!" The man stabbed his sword into the wall next to the boy's head. The boy stopped and cried silently. "Now, tell me where the boy is!" 

The boy sobbed silently then through a shaky voice replied, "I- I uhhh-uhhh don't know. They left e-earlier... I-I don't know where they went to." The boy began to cry again. And the man shook his head and stood up.

The boy coward from each move made as the man pulled the blood stained blade from out of the wall and put both away. "You will live for now young one, but be warned for if you are lying I will find you and I will kill you." With that he walked out of the house and snapped his fingers. 

Another man appeared in front of him, his hair was black and it was tied back in a bun, his face was sharp and his eyes were a light brown. They were both dressed in black suits. "Markus, I have come in contact with the boy. He should be coming up to the next town here soon. If we get there in time we may just be able to not kill the next town."

Markus nodded then peaked over Aeosus' shoulder. "What about the boy?" Aeosus looked back at the boy who was trying to get his parents to wake up. He turned back to Markus and smirked. "He's just a boy, he can't do anything." They both laughed and then vanished.

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