The Secret

With a lost past and an unknown future, this young man is only thinking of the greater good and finishing what his family had started years before. But still unaware of the upcoming, will he be able to do it?


5. Five


Thousands of miles away from the massacre and Dicio's disembarking, a man woke up from his deep sleep which he was destined to take for another two million years. The air changed its path and crept backward, light vanished and darkness started roling and creeping as the man with the bony hand appeared out of thin air. The air turned cold. The man with the bony hand scanned the environment with his bloodshot eyes before making his important move. He saw a man lying in front of him. The destroyed one but still hungry. A boycotted one but still complete. A lost one but still a winner. A complete one with incomplete life. A sleeping one but still wide awake.

The man with the bony hand caressed the wizard's forehead. It had worn out. Thin lines ran through them. There were speckles everywhere on his body. His skin was drying out as if forced to live without water. His body was invisible under his worn out robes but it was sure that it was completely useless. The wizard was still asleep as if dreaming his most beautiful dream. There was no expression on his face but still it carried a long story. He was silent. Everything was silent.

The man with the bony hand backed off and silver flames ran through his bony and skinless hand. There was a bright aura surrounding the wizard and the man with the bony hand's magic was completely useless. The aura was powerful. How could he not recognize it earlier? The aura's whiteness vanished within second and there lay nothing but the wizard. The man with the bony hand closed his eyes. The wind again changed its pace. Darkness advanced and life vanished.

Markus sat alone in the minister office. Everything was same but still it felt incomplete. The minister was gone. No one knew that except for a few people. He was given order by his master himself. How can he deny it? He hadn't made any mistakes? He had done everything for a good reason. He won't be punished. No. Why would he? He never betrayed anyone. 

Markus was still lost in thoughts, when the man with the bony hand appeared out of thin air. His chain of thought was broken as the cold chill stroke his neck. 

'You came early, Markus.' The voice hissed.

'Yes Master.' Markus stammered. The man with the bony hand silenced the environment. There was nothing but an eerie silence accompanied by the panic of Markus. 

'You can become the new minister, Markus.' The voice hissed. Markus felt like he was going to hit hard with stones but suddenly those stones turned to petals. He was shocked with happiness. He looked at the man with the bony hand.

'M-Me?' He stammered.

'Yes. But you owe me a favor.' The voice hissed. Markus tried to stare deeply into those bloodshot red eyes but all he got was a blank stare. The darkness. 

'What is it?' Markus stammered. 

'You have to kill your brother, Aeosus.' The voice hissed and vanished into thin air.

The wizard woke up with a silent start. He opened his eyes and felt like he was in a new world. Everything seemed clear. Yet everything was diminished. Within a fraction of second, everything cleared.

'Why did you wake me up?' His voice was hoarse. The man with the bony hand was still there. His eyes, still bloodshot red, staring deeply into the wizard.

'Welcome, Arc.' The voice hissed. 

The wizard, named Arc, just glared silently at the man with the bony hand.

'Why are you here?' Arc asked. The man with the bony hand just stared at him for a moment.

'You have to help me, Arc.' The voice hissed.

Arc stared at the bony figure standing in font of him. It was floating. No , it was metamorphing. Something like that. It was emerging from air and vanishing into air again. It was way to thin. The robes were black but on top of it was a dark metallic hood. The figure was way too thin to compare with anything. It looked like the robes were hund on a thin piece of hanger. But still, Arc was aware of the power it carried. He was aware of everything. 

'I need your help.' The voice hissed again.   

Aeosus came with a prideful chest. He marched happily and stomped his foot as he neared the minister's office. His robes hanging by his side and a small parchment in his hand. He glanced around. The building looked more alive as it has got a new minister. There were lights everywhere. The smell of burning incense was echoing loudly in the whole castle area. The parliament was beautifully decorated and there were magic candles burning in each and every corner of the castle. It was a way to celebrate and invite the new minister. By now the whole town knew that the minister was replaced. 

Aeosus knew that Markus didn't like light or the celebration. He was always a quite type. The one who reserved his place in everything. But as it is a ritual, Markus had to accept it. He liked dark places more. Lights used to make him uncomfortable. But for now, he had to accept it as it was.

Aeosus pushed open the door and found Markus staring at him blankly. 

'You called me, Your highness?' Aeosus bowed mockingly and smiled at his brother. Markus smiled back. 

'Yes, take a seat.' Markus ordered. His smile disappeared as fast appeared. Aeosus sat beaming at his brother and took out a small parchment. A small box appeared out of thin air and settled in front of Markus. It's lid opened and the small parchment slipped in it.  Aeosus smiled again.

'I want you to come with me.' Markus said. Aeosus got up and followed without questioning. He was the happiest man today.

Markus led him to a different room. The room which only a minister could access. Aeosus never knew that the room existed. It was a very strange room. Much smaller; but held weird objects. A tall frame was set on the wall and there was a strong smell of burning incense. There were lamps, merely alive from the oil which looked rotten inside. There were few robes lying around. A thick curtain was engulfing something which he wasn't able to figure out. There was a small wooden coffin lying beside the painting. 

Maybe a dead body.

'What is it little brother?' Aeosus asked. His face twitched in a frown. Markus finally turned to face his brother. He just stared at him for a long time. Aeosus eyebrow raised to its peak. He was never used to such kind of behavior.

'I wanna tell you a story big brother.' Markus said. Aeosus beamed happily. He looked one last time at the painting.

'But here?' 

'I wanted privacy.'

'Okay, here we go.' 

Markus brought out a small piece of black rock from his pocket and laid it between them. It was a black piece of stone which was craved very carefully as if trying to provide a masterpiece of art. It was merely of handful size. It looked way too old. The scratches on it were clearly visible. 

'What is this?' Aeosus asked.

'Its a part of the story.' Markus replied then began...

'A long time ago, There were two brothers. Just like us. they used to play together, dance together, they even used to steal and eat together. They were very mischievous. Then they grew up in a forest. They learned magic, they used to do tricks, they used to play around and break houses, they used to break the wagons and play with the wood, they didn't have parents. Then there came a man. A big man. An evil one. Very dark man. He taught them some black tricks. He became their master. He started teaching them . He made an army of them and then he started ruling the wizarding world. But the other two brothers just remained brothers.'

Markus paused and took a deep breath. Aeosus just sat there quitely. A frown appeared on his face. But before he could say anything. Markus spoke.

'Then one day, the evil man lost all his power. Then he remembered the two brothers. He ordered them to do a job. A difficult task. And then suddenly everything changed.' Markus said. He got up and moved around the room. Aeosus just sat there. 

'It sorta resembles our story, doesn't it?' Aeosus asked. 

'Of course brother.' Markus said and marched towards his brother. He massaged Aeosus's shoulders. He knew that Aeousus used to like it a lot. 

'You still haven't changed, have you?' 

'No. I can never Change.' Markus said and carefully picked up the dagger. Aeosus felt a cold wind hitting his chest which was immediately accompanied by immense pain. His flesh teared apart, giving way to the blood to flow. He tried to free away but something held him behind. He was shocked. His pain increased but he wasn't able to do anything. When Markus turned to him, a tear fell down his cheek.

'I am sorry brother. I had to do this.' Markus said. 

Aeosus's eyes turned misty.

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