The Secret

With a lost past and an unknown future, this young man is only thinking of the greater good and finishing what his family had started years before. But still unaware of the upcoming, will he be able to do it?


8. Eight


Dicio glanced at the bright orange sky above him and prayed silently. He kept staring at the sky until it started taking a darker shade and absorbing the orange color. It looked much more like a painting, the clouds were fluffy and baked, allowing the thin rays to penetrate through them and cast a beautiful scenery with the glow of various shades of orange, pink and finally red. Dicio sat on a wall, making himself comfortable while Solan bargained about the renting price with the owner. He was finally beginning to hate the place. The castles and the brown markets with the arose dust was not what he had imagined to be a dwelling place.

Solan came back and took Dicio to a small room with only two cots and a stinky kitchen. The room was way too small. Dicio doubted that he could not sleep in such a room. The walls were turned to a filthier shade of brown with green rot covering the upper corners, cob webs were not visible, maybe they were hidden behind the hanging cloth which was plastered to the ceiling but now was dying to give itself to the gravity. The room smelt of rotten flesh while the small kitchen was full of it. Maybe they were pigs, maybe ducks, he was not able to figure that out. 

'Sorry son, that's what we got. I tried hard but there was no room free.'

'So we are in a slaughterhouse now?'

'No. It is a short room but not a slaughterhouse. Some occupants left it two months ago.'

'Did he tell you they were cannibals. Look at this shit. Who kills animals in their house? Even if it is rented'

'C'mon You have to adjust today. It's just the matter of two nights. Then we will be off.'

'Why can't we go now? I can't stay here any longer.'

'It's just the two nights.' Solan replied sternly. Dicio knew that he could not argue with him any more.

'All right. I will go out and get some fresh air.'

Dicio left Solan alone in the stinking room. The sun had settled down and darkness was once again the ruler of its time fort. The village, which was overpopulated during the day, was now completely isolated. It looked as if abandoned. All the houses were shut and the rays of light were vanishing making the castle invisible at a far distance. Everything was slowly craving away from his sight. But he just strode his way to the market. Not caring about his so-called-two-night-house. 

A far and measurable distance away from the minister's office, Aeosus's body was being experimented. Markus was standing with a wand in his hand while covered with the dark black robes performing the chants. Oklarth, the man with the bony hand, stood behind him, examining the rituals. Markus was doing everything perfectly, the process was going on smoothly. There was a gush of wind behind Oklarth which was later accompanied by a small pop sound.

'I have come to meet the minister.' Lupus said, avoiding the fierce gaze of the black master.

'What do you want with the minister? Can't your poppy eyes see that he is busy?' The voice hissed and grew angrier.

'It is an urgent matter. Please. Let me talk to him.'

'I would like you to leave this place before I turn and crumble you to ashes.'

'Zay, has sent us a message.'

Everything went silent and chill cold. The only voice which was barely audible was the gushing of cold and night wind. Everything was still until Oklarth broke it with another hiss.

'What does he want now?'

'He wants to talk to the minister. Now. He says he can tell you about the child. But only to the minister.'

Anger rose inside Oklarth, but he had to subside it until he could reach any conclusion. The ceremony could not be just abandoned in between, and moreover there is a message from Zay, The ceremony will take too

and he doesn't have that much time.

'We just can't stop this-'

'But it's Zay-'


'I am sorry master. That won't happen again.' Lupus said, terrified.

'All right then. I'll have to disturb Markus, then.'

  It had been nearly an hour since Dicio was stalking through the empty and deserted marketplace. The old and dusty cloth shelters fell to the ground. The bamboos were neatly stacked and were now uprooted from the ground. The whole place looked like an auditorium, an open auditorium with parallel roads. Maybe a gladiator's auditorium, or else just a rusty market place. 

There was a closed hut, it was locked from outside, the old wooden lock with just a pinch as it's key but only the owner knew the correct method of unlocking it. The hut was barely in it's place, shattered and burned down, it's walls were black with soot and the upper ceiling looked as if burning wood was thrown neatly. The whole hut looked as if burned and then saved. It was kind of strange. 

Dicio raised his wand to open the lock.

'That would be a mistake, little boy.'

A voice startled him, he looked back to find an old man with long creamy white hair stood in the middle of the market place. He was barely standing and was supporting himself on his stick. His clothes were torn and muddy and his skin looked as if folded from lot of places. His eyes were not that much visible but it shone even in the darkness of light. There was an aura around him, even though it was not visible, Dicio was able to sense it. A different aura, colorless but completely different. Strange. He looked harmless but something alerted Dicio about him. Maybe it was his unnatural look or maybe it was his foreign appearance.

There was a cold silence broken by Dicio's steps on the pebbles.

'That would be a mistake, little boy.' The old man repeated.

'Is this your hut?' Dicio asked.


'Then it is none of your business.' 

'That is not your own place either, boy.'

Dicio was getting irrated by the old man. But still the old man was calm and silent. 



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