I Failed Him

This is a Tokyo ghoul one-shot that I wrote last night because I was bored. I just wanted to know if there are any Tokyo Ghoul fans on here that ship HideKane


5. Part 5 Final!!!

My kagune lashed out, smacking the kagune that was coming towards me, out of the way. But the force of which the kagune was attacking with was strong, so strong it threw me out of the window.

I wanted to scream, but now was not the time for that. This was the ghoul that basically killed Hide. There was no way I was going to let him get away with that. The ghoul was laughing from the building above me. He then jumped down, out of the window he threw me out of, chasing after me.

So he wants a fight, and he was going to get one. There was no way he was going unpunished. I growled and my body then smashed into the ground. I quickly pulled myself up as the ghoul landed in front of me.

“So, Kaneki. Wanna fight?” I backed away from the ghoul. This is dangerous. We landed into the CCG’s base, the members falling in and surrounding us. They are going to get hurt. They need t get away; but if I say anything, then they won’t listen.

“No. I don’t want to fight. But I will fight. To stop you and get revenge for Hide.” The ghoul laughed.

“Revenge?! Ha ha! You must be kidding me! I didn’t kill him, I just took a nice big bite out of him, taking his DNA and altering it for myself!” the ghoul cackled, slowly becoming less and less sane.

I was pissed. I growled and dived forward for the ghoul, my kagune moving getting ready to strike, but I was grabbed by something. I looked around to see a quinque grabbing ahold of my stomach and throwing me back, away from the ghoul.

When I got up, I moved to where the quinque owner was, ready to attack him for tearing me away from killing the ghoul, but I froze when I saw it was the man from before, the one that promised to keep Hide safe.

“This is not your fight. We will stop it. It is our fault for keeping it alive and not killing it sooner.” I growled and walked closer to him, but what he said next shook me to my bone, “Go get him back. He is in the second building, fourth floor, room 223.” I stopped walking towards him and turned around, running as fast as I could away from the ghoul and the fight, and running towards Hide.

I now know his exact location. This will be easy. But— does Hide even want to see me? I left him here, but he was being treated right, I guess. I mean, they have locked him in a room for the last few weeks but that doesn’t mean that everything has been bad— right?

I sighed, shaking the negative thoughts from my head. That is not what I want to think about. I need to think about keeping Hide safe and finding him so that I can take him away and we can be happy. I never should have allowed myself to let Hide be dragged into all of this bullshit.

I was in the building now, but has this place gone on lockdown since the ghoul escaped? What if I can’t get to Hide? Then the information was I given was useless, and I am pretty sure that this place is ghoul proof. There was no way I breakig through all of this.

I growled, punching the wall next to the elevator, when suddenly it opened. Should I trust it and go inside to get Hide, or do I not? What was I going to do? Should I trust this bloody elevator and get in, or do I turn away and try to find another way to get Hide out?

‘Get in. I opened it for you.’ I heard the voice coming from the intercom next to the elevator. The man… it was the man that kept on saving Hide and I. I wanted to say thank you, but I felt like the intercom turned off and stopped working.

I dashed into the elevator, the doors closing behind me as I pressed the button to move me to the fourth floor. God I hope that this wasn’t a trap and the CCG were also trying to catch me. Wait— why didn’t I think of that before? Right, because I was too busy trying to keep Hide safe, that I never realised that the CCG were people that I have never trusted. I mean, they killed Hinami’s parents in cold blood.

The elevator beeped open and I dashed out, looking for the number 223. That was where Hide was. That was where I would find him so that I could take him away and we can be safe— forever.

I quickly came across the door. This was it. Hide was right behind this door, and if I go in now, I can take him away forever. But what if he doesn’t want to come away with me? what if he hates me now for leaving him with the CCG and running away.

I was scared to open the door. Should I just turn around now, and stop thinking about Hide since it will be better for the both of us? Do I look inside to see if he is okay, and then leave again? Do I go in and take him away, even if he is against it? do I just go in and see where I go from there?

“Open the fucking door! I need to find Kaneki!” I jumped as a voice cried out from inside of the room. Hide. He was going to look for me. I smiled crossed my face, and I slammed the door open, bursting into the room. A screamed escaped Hide. “What the fuck!” Hide was about to run, when he saw me lying on the ground. To be honest, I was actually too scared to get back up and see what Hide will do.

“Hide.” His name left my mouth before I could control it. Hide moved to me and helped me up so that I was standing.

“Kaneki?” I nodded and looked to Hide, staring him straight into his eyes. God, I missed those beautiful eyes. There were no eyes that coud compare to that of Hide’s. Oh I could stare at him forever,

“Hide— I—” I didn’t know what to say. It’s only been a few weeks but— I don’t know what to say.

“Kaneki— what are you doing here? If they find you they will lock you away.” I shook my head.

“They won’t. The man that helped me with you last time we were together told me where you were. They are now fighting a ghoul, and a strong one at that.” Hide gasped. The ground around us suddenly shook, and Hide clung to me. I instictively wrapped my arms around him, holding him tightly.

“What was that?” I knew what that was, but I didn’t was to see it right now, nor did I want to talk about it. “Kaneki— what was that?” I sighed, pulling Hide from my body slightly.

“That is the ghoul I was talking about. It is a different kind of ghoul though. Through eating someone, it can absorb their DNA.” If I didn’t explain it to him, then whem we leave, it will be hard if Hide see himself killing Doves.

“Kaneki— what does that have to do with anything?” I sighed. Saying this was harder than I thought. I was basically telling him that there was a second ghoul version of him out there, killing Doves, and it was all my fault.

“It was the ghoul that almost killed you. When it attacked you, it took some of your DNA and re-wrote it for itself, and took on your appearance after being captured, in order to escape. But it wasn’t working, until today I saw two CCG members with knives, and I thought they were trying to kill you. That was the final straw. I went in and took you— the ghoul— away. But it wasn’t long before I realised that it wasn’t you, and I attacked it. When I thought it was unconscious I looked away, but it started to attack. It knocked me out of a window and I ended up here. That was when I started fighting it again, but the CCG interfered and I was sent here to get you and leave.” Hide’s eyes had filled with tears and I was shocked.

“Kaneki— to be honest. I never thought I was going to see you again. After the last time you went missing, I never gave up. I was looking for you, the entire time. I joined the CCG just to try and hear information about you. I was so worried that I was never going to see you again, but I found you. Then this time— when you gave me away— I truly thought that I was never going to see you again.” Tears came to my eyes. Hide never gave up on me when I firt went missing, btu this time— I let him down.

“I’m sorry Hide. I will never leave your side again, I swear it.” Hide smiled at me,

“Of course Kaneki—” I froze when I sensed it. The smell of blood and hate, radiating from behind me. The ghoul, it had to be here, but how?

“So, am I not a good enough Hide for you Kaneki Darling?” I turned around, using my body to protect Hide, the real one. Not the fake that was now standing in front of me.

“Where is everyone?” the ghoul laughed,

“You mean all of those weak men that were trying to fight me? I don’t know, dead probably.” I growled. The man. I have been here less than five minutes, so he would have had to of been killed within that time. This ghoul is a monster.

“I will not let you harm Hide.” The ghoul laughed again,

“I don’t want to hurt Hide— I want to devour him!” the ghouls eyes changed to that of a hungry ghoul, as he slowly started to walk towards us. Hide and I slowly walked backwards until we were now cornered against the windows of the room.

We need a way out, and we need one fast. The only way I can think of even fighting ths ghoul, is on the ground, as far away from Hide as possible, just to ensure that he doesn’t get hurt. But that means that I need to get the ghoul out of— here— the window! If I can grab ahold of the ghoul, I can throw the both of us out of the window. Perfect— but how am I going to manage that?

“Kaneki— what are you going to do?” Hide whispered into my ear,

“Yes Kaneki— what are you going to do?” The ghoul talked in returned to Hide’s question, still walking towards the both of us. Just a few more steps and I can grab him. Three, two, one, now!

My body leaped forwards, grabbing ahold of the shocked ghoul, my kagune threw Hide away from the window, to the side, before smashing the window. With all of my strength, I threw both the ghoul and I through the window. From above me, I could hear the screams of Hide, but now was not the time for that. I needed to keep Hide safe, and this is how I was going to do that.

I slammed the ghoul into the ground, just as his kagune ripped through my side. I cried out and jumped away from the body on the ground. I felt my eye changing and my body getting ready to fight. There was no easy way of this, and if I take too much damage, I’ll have to eat him.

“You can’t stop me! I have the face of your lover. Would you truly attack your lover?” I scoffed,

“Of course I can attack you, because I know you aren’t really my lover, you are merely a toy that is designed for me to break.” The ghoul laughed lightly, a look of terror coming over his face.

“You can’t—” The ghoul was talking, but I started towards it, all forms of conversation was gone. The ghoul began running towards me, and it knocked me down. My kagune pierced through its neck, slicing the side open, causing the ghoul to cry out. He wasn’t used to combat with other ghouls, that I could tell.

My body landed and I smashed into the ground. I quickly pulled myself back up. My legs felt weird. The strike he hit me with was strong, he sure wasn’t weak. I threw myself at the ghoul again, letting him hit me, my kagune moved again, piercing through his upper arm, successfully tearing his arm off, blood spewing out of the wound.

The ghoul cried out loudly, dropping to the ground from the pain. This was nothing— this ghoul new nothing. I wonder if he knows what it’s like to have every finger and toe ripped off, one by one, just to have them grow back, simply to have them torn off again. No— now is not the time for that.

I walked up to the ghoul, my kagune tearing through his other shoulder, tearing this second arm off. The ghoul screamed this time. Why is he in so much pain? I was being nice. The ghoul was lying on the ground, screaming out, blood coming from both of his sides. I rolled my eyes and slammed my kagune into his stomach, tearing out some of his insides as I retracted my kagune.

There were no sounds leaving the ghoul now, I guess it doesn’t have any strength left. Finally. I as soon as I finish this off, I can return to Hide and we can leave. Just as soon as we see the damage that this ghoul has done. My kagune went into the ghouls chest, straight through to the other side. I then lifted the half alive body into the air, before slamming it back down into the ground.

“This is nothing. I don’t know how you have given up so quickly.” I muttered the words to the ghoul but I got no response. I tore my kagune through the ghouls head. This is it. No more. I will not tolerate any more fighting.

“Kaneki!” I turned around to see Hide running towards me. I smiled, slipping my kagune back into me, running to meet Hide halfway. I don’t want him seeing too much of this. When we met, Hide clung to me, “I was so scared. What the hell were you thinking Dude?!” I laughed lightly.

“I was thinking I needed to protect the love of my life, that’s what I was thinking.” Hide laughed, pulling away from the hug. I grabbed ahold of Hide’s chin, turning his head to me. “Hide— I will never let you go again. I swear it.” Hide was about to say something, but I covered his lips with mine, sealing my promise. I will always keep you safe Hide.

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