I Failed Him

This is a Tokyo ghoul one-shot that I wrote last night because I was bored. I just wanted to know if there are any Tokyo Ghoul fans on here that ship HideKane


3. Part 3 please ask if you want a part 4,

*If you want another thing after this one, ask for it because I am not writing it unless I am asked to by someone other than my best friend.*


The two of us just stood, there, not moving just holding each other. I still wasn’t one hundred percent sure that Hide was fine, but from the way he was acting, he sure seemed like it. My mind flashed back to Antaeiku where hide was standing in front of me, stomach ripped open, but not visible to me. I wouldn’t have known he was hurt, unless he told me or showed me. How was he able to deal with the pain of it? When Jason tortured me, I couldn’t deal with it, until Rize made me see what I was doing wrong. Then I beat him, I took over the playing field and hurt him like he hurt me.

“Umm— Kaneki, why is your kagune being all weird and wrapping around us?” I looked around us too see that my kagune had grown out and was wrapping a circle around us, protecting us from the people outside. How long was this going to hold once they start shooting at us?

“I’m trying to protect us. I don’t think the CCG know what is going on in here, and what is going on with you and me, but I think that they will hurt the both of us once we get out of here.” Hide nodded at me, a bright smile on his face and he shrugged,

“Well I guess we need to get out of here pretty quickly don’t we?” I took my eyes from my kagune and stared at Hide.

“You can’t come with me, you’ll get hurt!” Hide scoffed happily.

“And if I go with the CCG, I’ll be experimented on and hurt just to get to you!” I froze. Why didn’t I think of that? Of course they would hurt Hide. He was dead just a few minutes ago, until I brought him back to life.

“I brought you back to life didn’t I? You had completely stopped breathing, I checked, but after I gave you blood, I didn’t check after I gave it to you.” Hide shook his head,

“I wasn’t dead, just almost dead. Mentally I was still conscious, like I was in a coma. I was aware of everything around me, but I couldn’t do anything about it. By the way, I don’t know what blood tastes like to you, but to me— it tastes like shit!” I blushed and sputtered a bit.

“Sorry,” Hide shrugged, wincing slightly. I knew it! I knew he could be one hundred percent yet. I frowned— should I give him more blood? I know he said he didn’t like it, but it healed him.

“How are we going to get away?” I froze as I realised that we were still surrounded by the CCG. Only one of us was going to get out of here, I know it. The CCG weren’t exactly happy with me right now, and they liked Hide, would they hurt him? They would, but if I brought him enough time, he could find Touka and hide with her and Hinami. Would they help him if they knew what I did to save him? Would they hate me if I make it out alive?

“No— Kaneki no, you are not doing that! Don’t even think about it!” I looked at Hide confused,

“What are you talking about?” I asked and Hide sighed, sadly grabbing my head and holding it against his shorter one.

“I mean, you are not buying me any time by getting yourself hurt, caught or even worse, killed!” I winced at his tone. He was furious, but terrified at the same time.

“Hide— neither of us are not going to die!” I was lying, but I couldn’t let him know that. Hide was still human, and he needed to live his life and move on from me.

“I don’t believe you Ken Kaneki! You always lie when you think you are in the right, but right now, nothing is right. It will either be the both of us die, or neither of us dies! Pick one!” I jumped at his tone and that’s when I noticed it, the tears falling down Hide’s cheeks, pouring out of the side and not stopping.

I froze and reached up, wiping them away with my hand before leaning down and kissing both of his cheeks. He was right. One of us couldn’t survive without the other. Either we die together— or neither of us dies. Oh Hide— what would I do without you? I sighed nodding,

“Okay Hide, let’s go.” Hide looked up from the spot on the ground he was staring at as he cried, and smiled,

“Are you really saying that?” I nodded and smiled back at him. Oh his smile though, mine could never compare. My smile was always dull, like me, a sideline character, not like Hide’s smile, making him more beautiful and making sure he was the lead role in everything.

“Hide— we will be together forever right?” Hide nodded happily, new tears running down his face causing my smile to fade, I need to say goodbye. I leaned in and pressed my lips to Hide’s, kissing him gently before pulling away. “Please don’t hate me, goodbye Hide.” I pulled away and changed my kagune so it wrapped around Hide in a ball, protecting him. Hide’s eyes widened when he realised what I was doing and the smile left his face.

I couldn’t see that. I turned away and soon enough, my kagune that was protecting both Hide and I, was only protecting Hide. I forced more of my kagune to come out so I could fight. I didn’t know if I was making it out of here alive, and if I did, I might was well die later on anyway. They weren’t letting me get away unless I was extremely injured to the point of almost death.

“KANEKI DON’T DO THIS!” I whimpered.

“I’m so sorry Hide. I love you!” I screamed out and turned to face the CCG, who were all staring at me oddly. It was a mix of confusion, anger and sadness. Why were they staring at me like that?

“What do you want in return for Hideyoshi Nagachika?” I cocked my head at the man a few metres away from me.

“What are you talking about? I am never giving you Hide. You’ll just experiment on him like you do to everyone else that has a connection to ghouls!” the man looked as equally confused as I did.

“Hideyoshi has a connection to you?” I nodded quickly, listening to every other member of the CCG waiting for their movement of attack.

“He is my best friend, and my lover.” I turned my head slightly and allowed myself to stare at my kagune where Hide was wrapped up, safe and sound. But he didn’t want to be there, considering he keeps on kicking my kagune, he wanted out. But if I let him out, he was in danger.

“I will give you Hide if you promise to never hurt him. If I find out you hurt him just once, I will slaughter you all, understood.” The man nodded and lowered his quinque, and everyone in the CCG followed suit. I relaxed slightly and brought the kagune holding Hide in, releasing the beautiful and terrified boy, who ran straight to me, wrapping his arms around me and holding me tightly.

“What the hell are you doing Kaneki?!” he screamed in my ear and I sighed, the tears beginning to fall.

“I’m giving you a chance at a normal life. You need to go with the CCG and if they hurt you, they will not live. I will always be close, so if you are scared, scream and I will save you. Okay?” Hide shook his head, burrowing it into my neck, his arms holding me tighter. I returned the hug, one of my hands sitting on his head, the other across his upper back.

“Don’t do this Kaneki. I love you.” I choked my sobbing becoming uncontrollable. Why did this hurt so much? I would see him again wont i? No— I was never going to see him again unless he was in danger. I shook my head. This was my fault.

“I love you too Hide, but we have to do this. There is no other way.” Hide shook his head, his entire body shaking his legs giving out. I was holding him up but my legs were giving out too. I couldn’t hold him up even though I had the strength to. We dropped to the ground hugging I don’t care if I get attacked, just as long as they don’t harm him.

“Don’t let me go. Ever,” I shook my head,

“Don’t Hide, please don’t fight this and just go.” I couldn’t let go of him. But I had to. I was doing this to save him— wasn’t I? No, I was. I was doing this to safe him. Without me he would be dead, but without me in his life he wouldn’t be in this situation.

“I love you.” Hide just kept on repeating it over and over again causing me to hold onto his tighter. I need to let him go, but even if I let him go, he needs to let go too. I cried out in pain from the hurt I was feeling in my heart. I was forcing the love of my life to leave me. But if was for the best, he couldn’t stay with me. I was half ghoul, half human.

Before I could realise what I was doing, my arms had let go of Hide and my kagune wrapped around him and pulled him away from me, kicking and screaming. I watched the CCG get their quinque’s ready to attack me, thinking I was attacking Hide, but I just stood up, my kagune returning to me. Hide was already trying to run back to me, but the CCG were holding him back.

“You can break my soul, take my life away, beat me, hurt me, kill me, but for the love of god, don’t touch him.” The words left my mouth before I could stop them and everyone in the CCG froze. There was a pitched inhale from behind me and I turned around to see a man, around the age of thirty, standing there with his quinque ready to strike, but he didn’t.

“What do you mean?” he asked and I smiled sadly.

“I mean, if you hurt the boy I love, I promise to torture you all until you hate yourselves so much, you want to kill yourselves. Do you understand?” the man nodded sadly, bringing his quinque down.

“You feel emotions?” I nodded, why am I still talking to this man. I should be going already and making sure Hide is safe.

“Not as much as I used to, being tortured can change a person.” The man nodded.

“I’m sorry. I will personally make sure no one hurts him.” I nodded to him, tears gathering in my eyes,

“Thank you.” I couldn’t stay there anymore. I had to go. I bit my lip and turned around to face Hide who was screaming and trying to fight off the CCG, but their grips were too strong so it seemed like he was fighting a kagune, there was no way he was getting out. Once he saw me staring at him, he turned to look at me.

“KANEKI!” I was crying now, a sad smile on my face.

“I love you Hide!” with that I turned around and ran off as fast as I could. I wasn’t allowed to turn back. If I did I would end up locking me and Hide away from the horrible world, not seeing anyone else ever again. I love you so much Nagachika Hideyoshi, and this is for the best.

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