My brothers best friend

This story is about a girl named,Willow Irwin her brother is Ashton Irwin her best friend it's a Luke Hemmings she ends up having feelings for him, and it continues…


2. 1

Willow's P.O.V

Me and ash just got back from the store after getting all the junk food.

Hiya said Michael as he and everyone else walked in the door

Hi said Ashton

Than he bro hugged everyone.

Hiiiiii shortcake, said Luke

( if you're wondering why he called me sthortcake it's because strawberry shortcake and I'm shorter than him.)

Hiiiii lukeyyyyy. I replied

HEYYYY you know I hate that nickname!!!

Well I hate the nickname shortcake, I smirked

Touché. He said

We were in The middle of watching a movie then Calum said…

Ughhhhh I'm bored we watched like 1 million movies. Calum whined

We didn't even finish the first movie, Luke said

Let's play video games!!! Michael said

Noooooo!!!! I said

Ugh you're so boring Willow, Luke said

Well since I don't want to play video games I'm going to the park, I said

Ohhhhh ohhhh can I come can I come PLEASEEEE!!!!! Luke begged

I thought you said I was boring, I chuckled

Noooo I didn't mean it I swear please let me go with you, Luke pouted

Ugh Luke why do you have to do this to me I can't say no to that face. I replied

YAYYYYY, Luke screamed

Since you guys are going to the park we will stay here and play video games, Michael said

After that me and Luke left in the park…

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