My name is Grace, and I'm 15. My life is pretty messed up, but it's about to change. For better or worse? I don't know. Just have to take it one step at a time...


3. Three

I grabbed my bags and snuck stealthily out of the house. Nobody heard, or maybe nobody cared, but either way I was gone. Thank god.


Ugh. I've been walking for what seems like forever. I don't have any phone or a mobile device, so I'm not sure exactly what time it is. The sun has risen though, so I know it's at least been around four or five hours, since I left "home" at about one in the morning.

Finally, a truck is approaching. About time.

"Hello, little lady. How'd you like a lift?" Said the creepy looking driver.

"Ah- yeah. Sure, that'd be great!" I said, not caring about the possible consequences.


We've been driving for 5 hours now, nonstop. The man gave me a bottle of water, and about a half an hour later, I felt quite drowsy. I slowly nodded off, and out of the corner of my eye I saw a quite disturbing sight. The driver was grinning manically, as if he had some terrible plans. I sure hope not...

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