My name is Grace, and I'm 15. My life is pretty messed up, but it's about to change. For better or worse? I don't know. Just have to take it one step at a time...


5. Five

I suppose you're wondering what happened with that weird ass driver. Well, turns out he got pulled over for a busted taillight, and the officers found me passed out in the back of the truck. They were checking it because the driver acted suspiciously. Thank god.

Along with me they found duct tape, a shovel, a camera, and a small onion chopping knife.

Don't I just have the best of luck?

Yeah. I know.

It's already been a full day, and I am scared to go back in two days. I do NOT want to face my so called family. More like prison wardens. Ugh. My life sucks. But, I hope I'll figure something out.

I'll check back later. Please, please, please hope something goes wrong and I have to stay here longer. PLEASE.

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