Forever and Always


2. Him

I went to the park and looked around. It was a really nice day today. I saw this guy. He was really cute. He started walking over in my direction. I quickly turned away hoping he wasn't staring. He tapped my shoulder and I turned around. "Hi I'm Jason." So cute. "Hi Jason I'm Ava or Lilac cause of my hair." "That's really cute so Lilac, what's up?" "Well I'm talking to a really cute boy." Did I mention I'm pretty much fearful. "Awe that's cute. Well I'm talking to probably the most gorgeous girl I've ever seen." I blushed slightly and he smiled showing dimples. I just about died. "Hey I've gtg but can we text later?" "Sure here's my number (###)-###-####" ok bye Lilac!" "Bye Jason."

I walked home and when I got inside I felt my phone vibrate. It was Jason.

J: Hey Lilac sup?

A: Hey luv I'm just walking inside. Hbu?

J: Well debating whether I should text you or not.

A: Hey I've gtg shower. I'll text later. Bye!

J: Bye Lilac.

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