Pokemon of Evil: Darkrai of Disaster

Dragorina and a couple of its friends find them selves having to rescue the legendary Pokemon trio, Mesprit, Azelf, and Uxie from an evil Darkrai. When they discover that Uxie has been kidnapped and Azelf is missing, they must do what they can to help Mesprit reunite with her sisters and destroy the Darkrai before it's to late.


2. What Happened

We go to the Pokemon dimension, Joey and Noah completely fascinated and a bit confused by it all. I took them to Poketown where we met Arceopogrin at the Pokemon center.

"This is so amazing, first we find out you're really Dragorina, then we go to the Pokemon world, and now we are even meeting Arceopogrin." Exclaimed Joey.

"Yeah, yeah not important right now. Arceopogrin we need Mesprit healed." I said.

"Reeses get in here we need you fast." He said and a shiny Audino rushed out.

"Don't worry I'm on it." Reeses said.

"Wait that Audino just talked!" Exclaimed Noah in surprise.

"Well Reeses is one of Henry's Pokemon that he trains. I've told you this stuff before. We not only specially train our Pokemon but in Poketown all Pokemon can be understood in common language." I told them.

"Right." Said Noah. "I forgot."

                                               *                       *                        *
After Mesprit was healed we went back to ask her some questions.

"Mesprit, can you tell us what happened to you?" I asked.

"Well..." She started as she got out of her bed."one evening not so long ago my sisters and I were just playing around having fun over Lake Valor. When we noticed things were quiet, too quiet. We stopped what we were doing for a moment to listen and it all went downhill from there. From out of nowhere, an evil Darkrai came at us. We ran for our lives. It got Uxie, but there was nothing we could do. Azelf and I got separated from each other after that. I have no way of knowing if either one of them is okay or not. I'm worried about them."

"I thought you got rid of the evil Pokemon?" Questioned Joey.

"We had thought so to but somehow many of them managed to get a way. And not only that are finding their way into other dimensions. They continue to bother powerful beings of the different worlds trying to make themselves stronger. Arceopogrin, warn the guards about this. We don't know what kind of trouble they're going to cause. Joey, Noah, get your best Pokemon. Be sure get ones that don't have many dark based attacks."

"Dark based?" Questioned Noah.

"How many times do I have to explain this!? Noah can you please listen more often. Dark dashed attacks, any move that cause the surrounding area to become darker or is somewhat dark in general, so no dark or ghost type, watch it with the dragon types and need I go on. We don't need to end up making evil Pokemon stronger as if they're not strong enough already." I told them.

"Right, use mostly electric and fire types." Said Joey.
"Exactly, now let's get going." I said.  

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