Pokemon of Evil: Darkrai of Disaster

Dragorina and a couple of its friends find them selves having to rescue the legendary Pokemon trio, Mesprit, Azelf, and Uxie from an evil Darkrai. When they discover that Uxie has been kidnapped and Azelf is missing, they must do what they can to help Mesprit reunite with her sisters and destroy the Darkrai before it's to late.


6. The world of Minecraft

"Woah! This place looks amazing in person!" exclaimed Noah."We look so cool too."
"Hey, we all need to focus. Things are going to get rough as we get closer to where evil Darkrai has Uxie." I told them. "Luke, where's this cave you were telling me about?"
"It's over by the Stronghold." said Luke.

"You mean Endermans Cave?" I asked.
"I believe so." Luke said.
"Huh...well Endermans Cave is filled with tons of twists and turns that channel all over the place. It's like a massive maze in there." I thought allowed.
"Well you can get us through can't you?" questioned Noah.
"Well I don't really know the place, but I got a friend who does." I smirked.
"What?" asked Noah.
"Ain't no one know Endermans Cave better than the King of Enderman himself."I said as I got out my phone.
Noah and Joey's jaws dropped.
"Yo, hey. yeah I need some help. I have quite the issue going on and...Eddy? Ed man? EDDY!?" He had hung up.
"I'm right here no need to yell at me." said a voice.
"Why you be like that?" I rolled my eyes.
Noah and Joey jumped back at the sight of the tall, pitch black figure I front of them. His eyes were glowing white with blue pupils.
"So who's your friends?" asked Eddy.
"That's Noah and Joey. And of course you've met Luke before." I told him.
"I'm Eddy, Eddy the Enderman King." he greeted  them.
Noah and Joey just stood back with their mouths wide open.
"Guys close your mouths. You're not Magicarps. Where's your manners?" I scolded.
Eddy chuckled.

"Hey," interrupted Luke."We can have the meet and greet later. Right now we have a life to save and no time to waste."
"Right. Eddy, we need your help navigating Endermans Cave. A pokemon, Uxie, may be there and need our help. You remember those evil pokemon things right?" I asked.
"Ye." he said.
"Yeah we've dealing with that." I told him.
"Lovely, just lovely." Eddy sighed."Okay let's go."
We started our way to the cave and after a bit Joey finally broke the silence.
"So you're the king of Enderman. Then are there other kings?" Joey asked.
"Ye, there's queens of course too." he said."There's R.Z, Charels, Aaron, Skelta, Willow, Blaine, Feona, and the Silverfish Beast."
"Eddy they have no idea who any of those are. Except Silverfish Beast, but he's more of a boss, not a mob leader." I told him.
"Okay, so R.Z's the Zombie King..." started Eddy.
"The annoying, dirty minded, sometimes randomly singing, prankster, over confident, and smart alacky, zombie king." I joked.
"True." laughed Eddy," okay so anyways, Blaine is the Blaze King..."
"Irritable and needs anger management Blaze King." I interrupted again.
"Are you going to do this every time?" asked Eddy.
"Yeah probably." I said.
"You know what, you guys can figure it out once you meet them." said Eddy.
"Wait really!? We'll get to meet them all!" exclaimed Noah.
"I'm sure at some point yes." I told them.
"AWESOME!" Noah and Joey shouted.
"We're here." said Luke.
"We this is it. If Uxie's not here then I don't know where. Let's go." I said.

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