Pokemon of Evil: Darkrai of Disaster

Dragorina and a couple of its friends find them selves having to rescue the legendary Pokemon trio, Mesprit, Azelf, and Uxie from an evil Darkrai. When they discover that Uxie has been kidnapped and Azelf is missing, they must do what they can to help Mesprit reunite with her sisters and destroy the Darkrai before it's to late.


8. The Rescue

We made our way though the cave. Strangely enough there was no other evil pokemon. I would have thought it would have been heavily guarded. We got closer to bed rock and then we saw it.
"IT'S UXIE!" yelled Noah as he charged ahead.
"NOAH WATCH...." I started to say.
"ZZT ZZT ZZZZZZZTZT!" Noah was shocked as he ran into an iron cage around Uxie.
"Out..." I said as I went over to help him up. "Now let's see..."
"Guys..." said Luke. "We've got bigger problems than a cage."
Before I could even turn around I was struck with a powerful Dark Pulse. I was the evil Darkrai. I spun around, changing into my normal form as I did. 
"Trying to help your precious little Uxie, I see." It said.
"No, we were just visiting." I said sarcastically.
"Ha ha, very funny." I said. It then tried to attack using Shadow Ball, and it was aiming for my friends. I flew in front of the attack, blocking it from hitting my friends.
"Luke use Flash Cannon!" I said. Luke got in position, but before he could attack the evil Darkrai disappeared. Then it came out of nowhere and attacked Luke from behind. Luke fell to the ground.

"Luke!" I shouted."No enough is enough! You can harm me as much as you like but when someone messes with my friends, they're asking for trouble." I burst out enraged."You and your little minions have gone way to far with this! You have put way to many lives in danger. I'm not going to let this go on any longer!"
"Ash...Ashley." said Luke as he slowly stood.
I looked into his pain filled eyes and knew what was to be done. He wasn't going to fall to this thing. He was going to win. I nodded at him, then looked back at the evil Darkrai.
Luke rose, with a glowing sphere of power flowing around him."OOOOOOOWWWWWW" He howled.
Luke ready's himself. He stepped back with one foot and forward with the other. Then with all his might, he fires a power beam of light. The evil Darkrai disappeared again, but this time I had a plan. Instead of hitting the evil Darkrai, the beam now hits the cage, shattering it to pieces. The evil Darkrai the appears again, but tried to attack me instead. I spun around and used Thunder Punch and the evil Darkrai is destroyed, never to be seen again.
"Now that that's over with, let's get Uxie and get out of here." I said.
                                                                *                               *                              *
We finally reunited Mesprit, Azelf, and Uxie with one another. They were once again safe and sound, but stayed in Poketown just in case. All our pokemon were restored to full health and we've all gone back to our normal lives. Well, at least for now...

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