Pokemon of Evil: Darkrai of Disaster

Dragorina and a couple of its friends find them selves having to rescue the legendary Pokemon trio, Mesprit, Azelf, and Uxie from an evil Darkrai. When they discover that Uxie has been kidnapped and Azelf is missing, they must do what they can to help Mesprit reunite with her sisters and destroy the Darkrai before it's to late.


7. The Attacker

"It sure is dark." said Noah.
"It's a cave what do you expect." said Joey.
"Did that remind you of R.Z or is it just me?" whispered Eddy to me.
"Yeah...there's something wrong with that." I whispered back. "Here this should help. Go Blazakin!" I sent Blazakin out and the flames on his arms lit up the walls of the cave.
"Thanks mate." said Luke.
"Yo." said Blazakin.
As we went deeper into the cave my ear began to twitch. I stopped.
"Ashley come on." called Noah.
"No hang on there's something strange." said Luke.
"You too?" I asked.
He nodded. He sensed something as well.
"RRRROOOOOOAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRR!" Suddenly a massive evil Hydreigon burst out form the darkness.
"Go Leafeon!" yelled Joey."Now use Solar Beam!" Leafeon stared taking in light.
"TAKE THAT!" shouted Luke as he leaped at the evil Hydreigon and used Close Combat.

"RRRROOOOOAAAARRR!" The evil Hydreigon exploded with anger. It used Outrage, slamming into the ground, which collapsed to form a huge ravine, and took Leafeon down with it!
"LEAFEON!" cryied out Joey as he ran to the edge of the falling gravel to catch his pokemon, but it was to late and could only watch as his Leafeon feel to the freezing river far below. I started to take off after when suddenly there was huge burst of water as a gigantic blue tentacle shot up. And it was carrying Leafeon!
"YOU GO SAMPSON!" I shouted to it. It was the squid king.
He gently placed Leafeon down as waved as the tentacle sunk back down.
"Okay, now let's show this evil Hydreigon who's boss!" I exclaimed."Blazakin use Blaze Kick!"
Blazakin charged at it and leaped off the ledge at the late second. Propelling him at evil Hydreigon, kicking it as hard as he could repeatedly.

"Now finish it off Leafeon!" yelled Joey.
Leafeon jumped up and was ready to attack. It wasn't going to be caught off gaurd again. Leafeon shot out a powerful beam of light, instantly destroying the evil pokemon.

"Great job, now return." said Joey as he retrieved Leafeon.
"That was close." I said."We need to be more careful from now on."

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