Pokemon of Evil: Darkrai of Disaster

Dragorina and a couple of its friends find them selves having to rescue the legendary Pokemon trio, Mesprit, Azelf, and Uxie from an evil Darkrai. When they discover that Uxie has been kidnapped and Azelf is missing, they must do what they can to help Mesprit reunite with her sisters and destroy the Darkrai before it's to late.


1. An Issue

So there I was, the Conqueror had me pinned. I didn't want to use my power, for it was to risky...

Wait, wait, wait. Hang on. Wait a minute....

Oops, haha, wrong story that's something else.

Let's get to the real story....

It was a beautiful day. Schools had just let out for summer and two of my friends, Noah and Joey, and l were walking in the park talking. These two friends did not yet know that Dragorina was real. They had only heard stories of it and thought they were just random things I made up. I figured it was about time I tell them that my stories were real.

"Ashley to you really expect us to believe that? I mean telling fictional stories is one thing, but trying to say they are real is another." Said Joey.

"Well no, I don't expect you to believe it. At least not yet anyway." I told him.

" If you're trying to be funny, you're really not." Said Noah.

"Okay you see that tree over there?" I said pointing at a small pine tree at the edge of the sidewalk.

"What about it?" Asked Noah.

I looked around to make sure we were the only ones around. When I was sure everything was clear I stepped back an shot a small blast of shining green powder at it. In an instant the tiny.  four foot tree was suddenly now fifteen. Both Noah and Joey backed away in surprise.

"B-but how?" Questioned Joey.

"I told you already. I am..." I stopped. Some thing was coming.

"What?" Asked Joey.

"Shut up I heard something." I told him.

We stud for a minute, but heard nothing. 

My ears twitched.

Suddenly," WOOOOAAAHHHH!!!! WATCH OUT!!!! CRRRASSSHHHH!!!!" Something come flying out of the woods and slammed into Joey, who then ended up falling on Noah.  


"Are you okay?" I ask.

"Yeah." They both said.
"Not you look." I told them.

They both gasped as they saw in my arms was the legendary Pokemon, Mesprit. 

"H-how?" Stuttered Joey.

"I don't know how she got here but she's weak. She needs medical attention as soon as possible." I told them.

"Wait so you mean..." Started Noah.

"Yes, we are going to the Pokemon dimension." I told them. 

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