A lot of things has changed since my great great grandfather was a child, back then a man, who called himself The Butcher, was slaughtering innocent children, so the government made genetically modified animals, also known as Familiars. Each and every child around the world is given one of these Familiars when they reach thirteen years of age. This Familiar is meant to protect that child, for the rest of there life, then they are given to a new human, and they never die.


1. Prologue

I look at the rear view mirror of my mothers old rusty car that shes had since before I was even born, she says it used to be pink, but now its more of a gross dark purple color, but we still love it. She sees me looking at her reflection and smiles at me, her dark green eyes sparkling in the light of the sun, and her long dark brown hair flowing in the wind from the open car window. Everyone in my entire family has the same hair and eye color, its kind of weird, but at least people know we're related

"Mom!" My older brother, Carl, yells as loud as he possibly can, he does that alot. "Buddy's bothering me!" Me and Carl are my mother and fathers only kids, they say they didn't have anymore kids because mom became unable to have kids after I was born, or as my dad says, I broke her.

"Buddy, Carl, that's enough." My mom sighs peacefully like she always does whenever me and my brother get into an argument. "Bud, do something."

My parents named me after my dad, who's parents named him after his dad. So I guess that makes me Buddy Higgins III. People ask my parents why they named me Buddy, and they simply said that buddy means friend, and friends are loved by everyone.

"Got it Candace." My dad says, he is a bit rough sometimes, and not exactly that bright either, the exact opposite of my mom, "Guys, calm down."

"But Buddy is bothering me!" Carl whines, getting a little annoying.

"How?" Mom asks, looking at us through the mirror, smiling that beautiful smile of hers. Everybody in town likes my mom, she is nice, and caring and very pretty, I that's probably why my dad married her.

"I don't know." Carl replies. He is really dumb for a 9 year old, but I guess that would make me dumber since I'm 7.

"See, your just being silly." My mom turns around slightly and grins at him from the front seat.

"Candace!" My dad screams. I jump up and sit on my knees, the only way I can see through the windshield, and see what My dad was screaming about, a massive moose standing in the middle of the road. Luckily mom swerves out of the way before she hits it, but instead she hits a stop sign, launching the pole part through the windshield right into moms throat and through her seat, a drop of her blood falls gently on my lap, followed by two more.

"Mamma!" I yell, unbuckling myself and jumping in the front of the car with my dad.

When I am in the front seat I realize that when someone gets a stop sign through the throat its not neat at all. Most of her seat and door are covered in her dark red blood.

"Buddy?" She chokes out, coughing up blood.

"Mommy? Are you okay?" I ask stupidly.

"I... I... L...Love you." She struggles to say before she closes her eyes and stops breathing.

"Mom?" I sniff, I close my eyes as much as they will close and I hug my dad as tight as I possibly can and begin to cry.

* * *

I look at the people that are around me, most of them are adults, the only kids are me, Carl, and two children who's parents were friends of my moms, they are both in my class Paige Vassete, and Marcus Hope. I furiously wipe at the tears that are running down my cheeks with my tie, I have no idea why dad made me wear this thing anyways, might as well use it as a tissue. Some old man in a long black dress steps in the middle of everyone, right over my mothers grave.

"We are gathered here today, to mourn the loss of Candace Higgins..." He continues his sentence for almost an hour before and all hes doing is making me sadder.

After the old man finishes talking, a younger one runs in front of him and announces, "Ladies and gentlemen, the refreshments are ready, please help yourselves."

All of a sudden the entire crowd rushes towards the big building with the cross on top like a herd of cows at feeding time, I guess they all must like 'refreshments', whatever those are. The only people that didn't go to get refreshments are the kids, me, Carl, Paige, and Marcus. But for some weird reason Paige is laying in the grass, her blonde hair all crazy, and her bright blue eyes peacefully closed. She must have been knocked over by the cows, so I begin to walk over to her to help her up, but Carl grabs my elbow and squeezes me so hard I think my arm is going to snap.

"You don't need to help her, she can get up herself."

I continue watching Paige lay peacefully on the ground, smiling, just like my mom used to. Marcus walks over and stands above her and he says something, but he is to far away for me to hear him, and Paige gets up. They both start talking to each other about something, the way they are pointing and looking, its kind of obvious they are talking about me. Marcus playfully pushes Paige towards me.

"Uh, Sorry for your loss." She says kindly, playing with a lock of her hair.

Carl jumps in front of me and yells at them, "Get lost, we don't need you."

Paige and Marcus look at each other for a brief moment, then they turn around and walk away.

"Hey, guys, wait for me." I call out, running up behind them as they turn around and look at me.

"Yeah?" Paige asks.

"Do you guys mind, if I, um, hang out with you?"

"What do you think Paige? Should we let him in our group?" Marcus asks, grinning like a madman.

"We don't have a 'group' but sure, why not."

As me, Paige, and Marcus walk away, I look back at my brother and see him looking back at me disappointingly, but I just keep on walking.

"Come on, lets go get some refreshments, shall we?" Marcus says, bowing towards the big table that is surrounded by grown ups, stuffing there faces, so refreshments are food? Cool.



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