The rebels are fighting the war against F.E.A.R. The war is raging on, as they soon grow closer and closer to winning. It's led by The Legion of The Black and The Fallen Angel

This story is semi based on their album, Wretched and Divine: Story Of The Wild Ones


4. With A Rebel Yell

A few years later.....


I've been fighting along with the leaders for almost 3 years, I'm 17 now and we have gained our army through these years. Even though it seems as though we have no chance, we have our fighting spirit. The Prophet has been teaching me how to fight against them, but wants me to stay behind the main fighters. I tell him, "I'm old enough to fight with you. This is also my fight." But he always says, "No. You stay in the hideout and train. You're still too young to fight Eve...." And then he would run into battle. The Prophet and I have grown really close in these few years. I have grown to really love him. Not just as a guardian... I shouldn't but yet I do, and he does too because he has come to me and told me he loves me non platonic. If he got hurt or killed somehow, it would kill me. But I know that he wont do anything to get anyone hurt let alone himself. He and I have been alone together and have done nothing drastic. But he did ask me to be with him and I said yes. 

I usually obeyed his orders when it came to not following him into the battle, but now I was fed up with it. After they all left, I sat by myself contemplating what I should do to get by without him or the others seeing it was me. I grabbed some weapons and my mask and ran behind in the group. I hurled the weapon at the member of F.E.A.R. and I hit it on the shoulder. It yanked it out and looked at me like it was piercing my soul. And then it used its power to throw it back at me. I dodged it and soon saw my comrade be hit with it. I looked around and saw them dropping to the ground dying, and struggling. Soon there was only a few left including our leaders. Then I saw the leader of F.E.A.R. coming down. I tired to harness all my power like the Prophet told me, and I saw him going near the Prophet behind him. I aimed for the leader but slightly missed. He looked at me with his pale eyes, his eye surrounded with red. He held out his staff and pointed it at me. I screamed and the Prophet looked at me with terror and shock. He forced the F.E.A.R. member backwards and he ran and harnessed his power and slammed his fist to the ground and sent a shock wave pulsing through the ground. I hit the dirt and covered myself like I was taught. The leader was thrown across the desert and the Prophet picked me up and ran along with the others. He kept running until we were back at the hideout. They stopped to catch their breaths a few minutes. And after that was when I got it..... "Eve! What the hell was that?!.... You could've gotten yourself killed and many more killed!... I told you to stay at the goddamn hideout and be safe... But no, you run out not even prepared for shit like this, and almost get yourself killed...." "Prophet.. I'm sorry...." "Sorry doesn't save your ass the next time.... You aren't even close to ready...." "If you would give me an actual chance to prepare myself, maybe I could fucking help! I'm not that little girl anymore! I can do what I want!" "Not if it means you getting killed..... Eve... Listen...." I felt the tears slowly drip down my face. "I know you aren't that girl I found in the ruins and alley.... You're becoming a warrior but also a woman... Whom I love so much." He cupped my cheeks and wiped the tears off my face. "You're someone I can't lose Eve.... I promised you would never get hurt... I plan to keep it..." He hugged me tightly and I hugged him back. He then held my hand back to our "room". "C'mon. We need some rest. We have some more heavy training to do to prepare you. And after a bit more, then you will be ready." I laid down and he laid behind me, holding me close to his chest as I drifted off to sleep, he sung softly, " When I see your smile, Tears run down my face, I can't replace, And now that I'm stronger I've figured out, How this world turns cold, And breaks through my soul, And I know, I'll find deep inside me, I can be the one, I will never let you fall, I'll stand up with you forever, I'll be there for you through it all, Even if saving you sends me to Heaven......" 

And through the night, I heard the transmission of F.E.A.R.... "The rebels claim their brave new world is upon us......
Do not be fooled by the chicanery with which they lay their claim......It is false, and their uprising will not succeed.....You will place your trust in F.E.A.R......You must!..." 


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