The rebels are fighting the war against F.E.A.R. The war is raging on, as they soon grow closer and closer to winning. It's led by The Legion of The Black and The Fallen Angel

This story is semi based on their album, Wretched and Divine: Story Of The Wild Ones


2. We Will Be Unbroken (Intro to rebels and Characters)

Andy's POV 

This war between the rebels and F.E.A.R, has been going on for quite some time. We have been trying to recruit but these transmissions from F.E.A.R., are driving the hidden rebels away, and we cannot gain more. But there have been few to travel to our hiding place, and come to join the rebel army. Though we are few, we are many. We disguise ourselves in our masks, and lead on. The 5 leaders including myself wear jackets marked with our names, but not our normal names. We have hidden them to protect our identities like superheroes, but we are a different kind of hero. Hero's wanting freedom from this bound society. Our names have been changed, and now... All we are known as.... The Destroyer.... The Mourner.... The Mystic.... The Deviant.... And I... I am The Prophet... Along with Eve.... We are unable to be ourselves and do not act differently than F.E.A.R. All of us hide in the shadows, hoping for some way to end this war. But right now, it may seem hopeless. But... As long as all of us rebels stick together.... If we stand together, we will be unbroken....

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