The rebels are fighting the war against F.E.A.R. The war is raging on, as they soon grow closer and closer to winning. It's led by The Legion of The Black and The Fallen Angel

This story is semi based on their album, Wretched and Divine: Story Of The Wild Ones


6. They Live For A Stolen Omen

After Andy had proposed he brought me back to the hideout. Nobody was there. "What the hell?" He said. I looked around and saw a body by a room. "Oh my god..." I ran over to it, and saw it was a member of the army, none of the leaders. Attached to the body was a note, and on it, were words written in pure dried blood and some where hardly legible. But I read the note out loud, 

"LEGENDARY PROPHET. I HAVE FOUND YOUR WEAKNESS..... YOU AND THE REBELS MUST SURRENDER TO F.E.A.R. OR ELSE WE WILL TEAR YOU ASUNDER. YOU WILL BE FORCED TO SURRENDER AND THEN YOU AND ALL THE REBELS WILL DIE.... SO SURRENDER NOW OR PREPARE FOR YOUR REBEL'S BODIES TO BE TORN APART AND THROWN ALL ACROSS THIS DESERT......" I gasped at the last part. "Andy....." I looked up at him, frustration in his face. He slammed his fist to a crumbling wall and it collapsed. I backed away a little because pissed off Andy was bad because he was at his worst. I looked down in shock realizing what this note had meant. They were coming for the rebels, and the leaders. I cringed at the thought of them all, scattered across the desert as was said in the note and it then brought back flashbacks to when the war really started. 

The city was in ruins..... Bodies scattered everywhere.... It seemed like nobody in sight.... Days without seeing anyone and then few families still in houses bringing me in........ 

I had remembered those families become dust within a second..... I held back the tears and sniffled. He looked to me with anger, but then his eyes softened as he saw me in tears, knowing I was the one to bring the rebels to hell.....

He came down to me and hugged me. "Eve I won't let anything happen to you and the rebels..... I know what the note said, but I won't give in.... They can threaten all they want, but they can never win." I nodded and then heard the crunching of dirt against gravel and saw The Mourner, Mystic, Deviant and Destroyer run up to us but stopped as they saw us there both safe. Out of breath, Mystic, had spoke. "Oh thank god you're alright...." They came up to Andy and he stood. "Did you see the note?" He nodded. "We can't let them do something like this and let their plan go through. The rebels are all together in hiding at the moment. We ran looking for you guys but then saw your tracks lead back." Andy looked down, "Yeah. Wasn't exactly planning on this war getting bigger than it is. But they have hit us hard. We've lost so many yet gaining the same and some more. But in every fight, we lose many." They all nodded. Then in the distance, a loud bang like a bomb went off. They all looked off and nodded at each other.

Andy's POV

I was scared. I wouldn't dare show it but I was scared. That I failed the rebels, and that I would lose my friends, not only them but Eve..... I looked down at her, tears trickling down her face. I crouched down, "Eve.... You need to go hide... I promise I'll keep you safe and I'll come back....." She wiped her nose gently and looked at me. "P-promise?" I bit my lip, but still said. "I promise..." I hugged her tight. I kissed her cheek and told her once again, "Go into hiding. Now." She nodded and looked up at me and ran off into the ruins. I took a sharp breath and saw the others already grabbed their weapons, so I grabbed mine and ran off into the distance.....

(Sorry for the crappy picture but it was the best I could do with crap Wi-Fi)

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