The rebels are fighting the war against F.E.A.R. The war is raging on, as they soon grow closer and closer to winning. It's led by The Legion of The Black and The Fallen Angel

This story is semi based on their album, Wretched and Divine: Story Of The Wild Ones


5. Rebel Love Song


I awoke, still in the arms of the Prophet. I gently moved his warm skinny arms off of me and slowly moved away to the fire. It was still early morning, so it was dark out still. I sat down next to the Mystic and the Mourner asleep next to him. "So you gonna try that little act again like yesterday?" He smirked. "Oh hell no. I know for damn sure now I wont. I promised him I would never do it again until I was trained and actually ready..." He chuckled a bit. "Yeah. He told me before anything, that if you ever got hurt, he wouldn't know what to do... He loves you a lot Eve...." "I know....I'm scared to lose him as much as he is me or more...." I sighed and curled up my knees to my chest. And then from behind I heard footsteps and yawning. "What's going on?" "Hey Prophet. Just having a talk over things...." He sat by me and wrapped an arm around my waist. I laid my head on his shoulder and held his other hand. He kissed my forehead and I laid up close to him. "I love you Eve...." "I love you too..." I had then started to drift off back to sleep. 

I awoke again still in his arms. He was gently petting my head and kissed my head. I was still half asleep and my eyes were still heavy so I left them closed. I then heard the Mourner, "You really love her, don't you?" "More than she'll ever know. I know that I shouldn't because of the danger I'm putting her in, but yet at the same time, I'd die for her any day." I smiled slightly and I opened my eyes pretending I just woke up. He looked down at me, "You rest well darling?" I nodded smiling. "Come with me." He got up slowly and helped me up. He then led me off into towards the city, but still outside of it. He led me to a old hotel and took me inside. I crawled through the boards of the blocked door and saw it was still beautiful even though the walls were crumbling and the wallpaper was coming off the walls. "Wow.... This is beautiful Prophet....." He chuckled a little. He then led me to an inner courtyard. The flowers were beautiful and this seemed like the only normal place since the war started. I gasped at the beautiful bouquet Prophet handed to me. "These are beautiful Prophet!" He smiled. "They don't even compare to your beauty." I blushed and looked down at my feet. He grabbed my hand and lead me to a bench. He sat me down. "Listen Eve.... You've always known to me as being Prophet. And that's not my real name obviously...... My actual name is Andy.... The only reason I'm not using my real name, is if F.E.A.R. knew my real name, they'd hurt my family.... I'm telling you this because I love you and trust you..... I wanted to ask you,..... If you....." He got on his knees clutching my hands. "Would stay with me forever....?" I smiled and started to tear up a little but I tried to keep it in because tears was a sign of weakness, as he had told me. "Yes." He chuckled and smiled. 

I wrapped my arms around his neck and laughed. "I am so happy Eve.... You're the best thing to ever happen to me." I sniffled and I backed up off him and wiped my eyes. "It's okay to cry Eve." He chuckled. "This time its okay to." I laughed a little and wiped them from my eyes. He reached to his back pocket. "Now... I know this isn't the ring you'd want but this is the best I could do right now until this war is over.... Once this war is over, I'll buy you the most beautiful ring you've ever seen..... I promise to make you the happiest woman alive...." I smiled. "I love you so much Andy..." I jumped back into his arms and that was the real beginning of us.....

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