The rebels are fighting the war against F.E.A.R. The war is raging on, as they soon grow closer and closer to winning. It's led by The Legion of The Black and The Fallen Angel

This story is semi based on their album, Wretched and Divine: Story Of The Wild Ones


7. Lost It All

Andy's POV

After the explosion, we ran towards it and saw that nobody was out there. The only thing there was a crater. "It was just a distraction!" Mystic yelled out and my mind drew blank. All I thought about was, "Fucking hell they're going after Eve." I booked it across the desert again. It took us about a half hour to get there and another half hour back. I ran as fast as I could and saw the hideout in sight. I kept running until I was inside...... I wish I hadn't left.....

On the ground, lay a body.......  



"Eve...." I saw her shallow breaths. "A-Andy...?" Her eyes lay half closed, her body drenched in blood. I picked her up gently and held her close to me. "I-it hurts... to breathe.... it's like every time I breathe in.... I'm stabbed in the lungs...." Her color was paler than usual, and she was unable to move. "E-Eve...." I choked on air as I said her name. Then soon the tears started dripping down my face. And then the rains came down, soft and gentile. I felt her body rise and sink with every harsh breath. And soon I felt her body sink and didn't rise again.......

I clenched my eyes tight and hugged her tight to me and I could hear the distant sound of feet on dirt and then just behind me, it stopped. I sniffled and swallowed hard. "Sh-she's gone....." Deviant spoke to me as he lay a hand on my shoulder. "Prophet... She's in a better place.... She was in danger no matter what...." I picked her up and carried her. 


"She will not have died in vain..... I will avenge her, and all the others who have and will die because of F.E.A.R..... F.E.A.R. will not win...." 

That was the day I lost it all..... My mind..... My Heart....... And Eve, My Love.....



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