The Tales of Dushal

The first in the Tales of Dushal. Alex and his friends are sucked into a strange world where trouble is brewing. They are called upon to help but with no training or any sort of knowledge of this strange new world how will they cope?


1. Foreword

In a strange turn of events I came across this manuscript during a phenomenon much like the one described in what I have included below. It appears to be part of a larger book or series of books which I could not find along with this one. While my search for them continues I have decided to publish this, in the hopes that someone else may have found the missing pieces so that the collection may be reassembled some time in the future. - Joshua Waters Across the plains and over the mountains, in a stone tower barely taller than your average house, a bolt of bright white light shot out of the roof and into the black, velvety sky. Like a bolt of lightning it snaked and spread itself across the sky for miles around as if the very sky itself was about to smash into a million pieces. just as quickly as it had appeared, it faded and the bright blue of the afternoon sky returned. Some say that they heard a voice but they are few and far between, the lightning is the only piece of evidence that is consistent though every report and document of the time. This sparked what is possibly the most famous series of events since our kingdom’s inception, and some claim, since this land’s creation. This event paved the road to our golden age. Our golden age was led by a king and his men. Though they faced many obstacles they led us, their people, through them and into a time of peace that still continues to this day. Many stories are told of these men but no one seems to know the full story. From beginning to end. For the past few years I have trawled across this fair land of ours in the hopes of collating the stories told into a definitive novel. My journeys took me far and wide and even to their graves and finally to the last remaining member until at last my mission was finally complete. This is that such novel, I hope through this the songs and praises made to and by these men will be sung for ages to come. Dear reader study these pages well so that the wisdom of these men will be passed on for ages to come! Long live the King! - Finlay Graham
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