when time runs out

Maxine Para, but goes by max,was just a weird girl who has an ability and has been through things. But when she moves back to her hometown Miami, Florida strange things happen, like meet this sexy and hot bad boy named Ryan Smith. Though she knows she shouldn't be with him, shes drown to him. Is it destiny....or trouble?
Ryan Smith was just the son of the chief,popular football player, bad boy, and the guy that has a lot of secrets. But ever since this girl named Maxine Para moved here he's been having weird dreams that are always the same. And its definitely strange that he's falling for her. Is it destiny......or is it trouble?


1. (max)



I was walking towards the building my father used to work at. I don’t know how i got here but i don’t really care. As i was walking to the building, there was a boy following me but i couldn’t see his face so i don't know who it was. As i kept walking i went inside and went down into the basement. I went down the stairs and then i saw someone. He or she was in the shadows and started to move away so i didn't catch the persons face. I follow the stranger into a large room with wide and tall windows with broken pieces of glass. I walked over to the stranger who was standing near a window. The stranger turned around and i suddenly knew who it was.


Then almost as fast as lightning he ran towards me and stabbed me with a dagger. I screamed and landed on my back. There was a noise and then Lucien jumped out the window and left me to die.

Near death, i was pulled into a guys lap. I had my hair in my eyes so i couldn't see him. After what seemed like an eternity, he brushed my hair away and i saw his beautiful dark green eyes.




                                             4:30 a.m. / August 30, 2015 - my bedroom

I woke up to the sound of my mother's old alarm she gave me last month during the summer, she gave it to me because she thinks I wake up too late.

Yea right.” I thought to myself. “I wake up everyday at the same time every morning, 4:30 a.m.” I always wake up at that time, i don’t know why.

I rolled out of my king sized bed and pushed the covers off me and walked over to my crowded old desk that my dad got me for my 10th birthday, then turned on my Harley Quinn lamp and grabbed my old black leather notebook my Nana gave me when i was 6 and started to write:

day one; August 30th, 2015

It happened again. My dream (AKA: Nightmare). It's always the same nightmare and same time.

I’ve woken up to the same strange dream and same weird time ever since I moved back here in Miami, Florida at the beginning of August.

Now that I’m 16 and almost 17 (thank god) I can finally drive my new motorbike that i’m going to pick up in 2 weeks (yes!) a nice sweet black MZs-FG-062-06 that I’ve been saving up for a year now.

I can’t wait till I get to ride it. I love to ride with the wind blowing through my hair and smelling the fresh air, The smell of freedom.

As my Nana and i have always said “we woman love the rain, but hate the wind”

I stopped there because i didn’t know what else to write. Ever since I was a little girl i haven’t had the best life.

Divorced parents, cutting, suicide attempts, parents getting new boyfriends and new girlfriends. With my life I had it all so far. Like in the 6th grade, fake friends, drama, moving problems, and money trouble. My Mum, Samantha, 34 years old .A beautiful woman she is, with long black hair, blue and gray eyes, beautiful lips like Angelina Jolie, a perfect nose, high cheekbones, and broad slender like shoulders. She’s had on and off relationships with guys AND girls (she bisexual like i am) and they haven’t all worked out. My dad, Mike, 37 years old and he’s an okay looking guy; dark green eyes, with a little gray and blue like me, fine pinkish lips, tall, and very muscular. He hasn’t had as many relationships like my mum. My parents met at a party, my dad’s party is more like it. He was a frat boy, and the leader of his frat house. He was also on the football team, the Quarterback, and he was really good. My mum saw him and fell in love with him and decided to give up her fake friends and old boyfriends to be with my dad. They dated for 2 years and finally got married at 18 and 21.

People thought that they were so in love or something and they were right. They really were in love. But my mum's parents didn’t approve of him, eventually they began to like him to love him. But then they didn’t work out and got divorced when i was 9.

I looked at my clock to look at the time.

4:43 a.m.” I thought and sighed.

I put down my pencil and got out of my chair and walked over to my closet and put on my favorite old jeans and a white tank-top and put over that a dark shady purple see-through paint-splatter shirt.

cool, all i need now is my black beanie,

I walked over to my drawer and pulled the third self down and saw my black beanie just laying there with my others. Batman, Harley Quinn, plain black, and finally my black beanie with colorful paint-splatter over the edge. I got it from London when i was on my trip with my mom and her new boyfriend, Rick, he’s 34 years old and he’s a race car manager (cool). And as for my dad, his girlfriend, Tracy, is 28 years old and she’s a high school history teacher.

As i put on my beanie i walked over to my full length mirror and looked up and took a breath and looked at my reflection.

All my life i thought i was ugly. But people, like my friends and family, thought i looked beautiful.

I have green, with a little gray and blue, colored eyes like my father, medium sized lips, perfect nose (so I’ve been told), high cheekbones, pale skin, and hair black as night.

I guess you could say i was pretty but i would automatically say “thanks but it's not true.”

I stepped away from my mirror and then went to my closet again to grab my black ankle socks and new black converse i got last week at the mall. I sat down on my bed and put on my socks and shoes.

When i was done i stopped and sighed.

Well….i better start making breakfast” I said out loud.

As i headed for my door i felt like i was forgetting something. I always had “this” feeling where i would leaving and then a wave of ice washed over me and my mind was more open. So i looked around and then i realized…My necklace! My grandmother (on my mother’s side) gave it to me when i was 8 years old on the day she died. It has a silver chain and a silver locket with an outline of angel wings. Inside the locket was a picture of my Nana and papa together as teenagers smiling. Nana was on a swing and my papa was behind her putting the locket on her. It was their first date. Sadly papa died when i was 5 so i don’t remember much about him except pictures of him.



          (London - 10 years ago / October 15, 2005)

As my Nana laid there in her queen sized bed looking so pale i just wanted to hug her and never let her go. I was the only person with her in her room.You are my bond” She said. “You are very special.”

As the tears rolled down my hot and red cheeks, i looked up into her beautiful silver and blue eyes. Sometimes i thought i’d seen her eyes flash ice blue when she got mad or stressed.

i looked at her and said “Everyone is special, but i’m not special.”

You are very special, just like me.You need to open your mind to the world and think.

i nodded.

Very good.” She paused. “You are my special flower Maxine, don’t ever forget that.”

I won’t

She sat up a little and grabbed her necklace and unhooked it and started to put it on me.

No Nana! This is your necklace that papa gave you on your first date. You don’t want to give me this that is meant for you.”

She smiled and said so softly “Maxine, you are worth giving this to. And he wanted you to have it when you were old enough on your 17th birthday but he died.“ She wiped a tear away. But i won’t be here much longer, so i’m giving this to you because i believe you are a beautiful young lady who will learn that anything is possible if you believe. And as long as you know that i am always still with you…..you will become a fine psychic sorceress.”



                   5:05 a.m. - August 30, 2015

As i walked over to my little table at the right side of my bed a voice in my head started to say something.

You should practice your powers” it said in this sweet, commanding voice. I knew it was my Nana’s voice. I knew that voice anywhere.

Okay” I thought back.

I concentrated hard on my necklace and i closed my eyes. Ater i concentrated on my necklace i open my eyes and it floated up and flowed toward me. It landed softly on the palm of my hand. I looked at it and i hooked it on and let it fall onto my chest.

Well people…...i’m a psychic.

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