She hadn't felt this in love with anyone for a very long time, if ever, and she was sure it was going to be the death of her. His thoughts, quite similar, as he stared into her blue-gray pools. He'd swore to himself the last time he lusted after a girl that he'd never allow himself to fall in love, but he knew in this moment that he was, in fact, madly in love with the woman before him and he knew that there was nothing he could do to stop her from destroying him.


11. 6-26

“I can't move,” Justin spoke as he lay on his bed, flat on his back, “Seriously, I hurt in places I didn't even know existed.”

Krystal let out a laugh, “You'll get used to it, Baby. You did really great today though.”

“If you haven't moved like that in 7 years, how are you not dying?” He cocked an eyebrow at her, not sure he could move any other body part.

“I always made sure to keep myself limber,” She sat next to him on the bed, staring down at him as he was sprawled out, “I figured I'd need to remember how to do it all some day and if I let myself get old and stiff, I'd never survive.”

“It's all so exhausting,” He groaned, “My brain feels like it's gonna fall out because of the mental shit we learned today too.”

She smirked, “It'll become second nature before you know it, Boo.”

“I can't believe you took me out like that though,” He gave her an exasperated look without moving his head, “No one's ever been able to get me off my feet like that when I was trying that hard.”

“If it helps, I didn't wanna hurt you,” She gave him a sympathetic look, “I just know that if I'm not hard on you and if I don't challenge you, you'll never learn to be as strong as you need to be.”

He let out a sigh, “I know, Princess. I'm not mad. It's just such a change for me to have a female that's stronger than me. Hell, most of the time the dudes I run into aren't strong enough for me. And the fact that that strong ass female is my girlfriend?”

She bit her lip and hovered over him without touching him, “At least I'm on your side so you'll never actually have to worry about fighting me.”

“This is true,” He chuckled, “As long as you don't try to over power me in the bedroom, we're good.”

“Mmm,” She wiggled her eyebrows sexily at him, “You know you're the dominant one in the bedroom, Daddy.”

He let out a groan, “Don't start that. I'm already horny and I wanna make love to you all night, but I'm in too much pain to move. So, I don't think it's happening tonight.”

“I knew this training was a bad idea,” She teased, laying down beside him, her head resting in the crook of his arm as her right hand went to his abdomen, “Aaron and I figured we'd give y'all a rest day tomorrow because you all seemed pretty beat. It's not worth it if you're not up to par with your abilities.”

“As amazing as that sounds, I don't want a break. I'd rather push myself through the pain and learn as fast as possible,” He countered.

“Well, it's up to you, Babe. I'm just a softy when it comes to your pain,” She chuckled.

“No, I'd rather push through,” He nodded his determination, “Load up on the pain killers and go to town.”

“You're so cute sometimes,” She leaned up, kissing the corner of his mouth.

“You're the only person in the world allowed to call me cute,” He cocked an eyebrow at her, “Justin Bieber is NOT cute.”

“Yes you are,” She let out a laugh, “Other people may not get to see it, but you're cute to me, Baby.”

“I have no idea how you broke through my tough exterior,” He frowned with a smile, “No one's ever been able to do that before.”

“It's cause I'm awesome,” She slid her hand under his t-shirt and tickled his abs with her nails, “And I made you fall in love with me.”

“You definitely did, Princess,” He kissed the top of her head, “I didn't think I'd ever fall in love and then you come along and shatter everything I ever thought about myself.”

“I'm sorry,” She tried to hide her smile.

“I'm not,” He winked, “I've never felt more alive than I do when I look into your eyes, Baby Girl. I never wanna go back to not being in love with you.”

“You better not ever fall out of love with me,” She leaned up, kissing his jawline, “Or I'll have to kick your ass. And you know that I can now.”

He chuckled, “I love you so much, Sweetheart.”

“I love you more, Daddy,” She ran her tongue along his jawline.

“Augh,” He groaned, “You know what it does when you call me that.”

She smirked, “I know. I can't help but tease you a little, Babe. Especially since we can't do anything about it tonight.”

“Keep it up and I might just push through the pain and pound the shit outta you,” He bit his lip.

“Don't threaten me with a good time,” She moved her hands to the skin below his belly button, tickling the little hairs.

“Baby,” He whined, “Please don't turn me on anymore than I already am.”

“Are you whining right now?” She leaned up on her elbow and looked down at his face with a smirk.

“Yes,” His cheeks flushed a light pink color, “Cause I want you and you're teasing me and I'm in pain and it's been 3 days since we made love.”

“You are seriously the cutest,” She shook head with a smile and leaned down, covering his lips with hers in a soft kiss.

“This is hell,” He breathed when she broke the kiss, “I'm about to drop this training shit if it keeps preventing me from being inside you, Baby Girl.”

She let out a laugh, “No you're not. You need to do this. Once you learn, we'll have all the time in the world to make love.”

“But I want to now,” He whined again, trying to hide his smirk, “I wanna feel my dick slide into your wet pussy and I wanna be covered in you. And I want you to do that thing you do when I'm deep inside you where you squeeze your pussy around my dick.” He stuck his lip out in a pout, knowing it was only a matter of time before he drove her crazy.

“You need to stop,” She chuckled, “Before you turn both of us on.”

“You don't wanna feel this dick buried deep inside you, Baby? You don't want it hitting you in all the right places and making you feel good? Pleasing you?”

She felt herself flush as she thought about it and met his gaze, “You want me to ride you, don't you?”

He flashed her his signature grin, “Yes.”

“Won't that hurt you too, though?” She played.

“Not as much,” He didn't lose the cheeky grin, “Please? Don't you wanna feel me inside you, just as bad as I wanna feel myself there?”

“Maybe,” She stared at him, biting the side of her bottom lip.

“You know what it does to me when you bite your lip,” His eyes stayed on her lips for a moment before meeting her gaze again, “So, if we're not gonna do this, you might wanna stop being so fuckin' sexy.”

She giggled and shook her head, “I'm not undressing you.” He immediately sat up, ignoring the pain and whipping this t-shirt over his head before laying back and unbuckling his jeans, pushing this bottoms down past his hips and kicking them off the side of the bed. She laughed at his quick movements and swallowed hard as he lay naked before her, his aroused man-hood penetrating her gaze.

“Take your clothes off, Baby Girl,” His voice took on that husky tone that she loved so much and she kneeled in front of him, whipping her shirt over her head and revealing her bosom to him. She stood from the bed and pushed her pants past her hips, stepping out of them as she climbed back on the bed. He watched her every move as she carefully straddled him and guided his manhood into her, sitting still on top of him for a moment. His eyes nearly rolled back into his head at the feeling of her warm, wetness on him.

“Is this what you wanted, Daddy?” She leaned down and whispered in his ear, placing kisses on his jawline.

She squeezed herself around him as his hands immediately when to her hips and he let out a deep moan, “You're so fucking perfect, Baby,” He breathed, “I never wanna be inside anyone else ever again.” She sat back up with a smile, still squeezing herself around him as she stared down into his eyes. He bit his lip as she pulsated herself and he swallowed hard, sure he was going to explode. She began to move her hips around him in a circular motion and he knew in that moment that he never wanted anyone else to belong to him this way.


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