She hadn't felt this in love with anyone for a very long time, if ever, and she was sure it was going to be the death of her. His thoughts, quite similar, as he stared into her blue-gray pools. He'd swore to himself the last time he lusted after a girl that he'd never allow himself to fall in love, but he knew in this moment that he was, in fact, madly in love with the woman before him and he knew that there was nothing he could do to stop her from destroying him.


5. 6-11

Krystal had officially been Justin's prisoner for a week now and she had to admit, it wasn't nearly as bad as she'd thought it would be. Her and the other occupants of the house were finally starting to get used to each other and she'd even developed an understanding sort of friendship with Alex. At least, he wasn't annoyed when she tried to talk to him anymore. She'd been spending the night in Justin's bed for a week now as well, but they hadn't had any sort of physical contact since the time last week when she told him to prove that he could please her. She'd quickly learned not to ask anyone too many questions or she'd get barked at, but she didn't mind keeping to herself anymore. She was utilizing the laptop Justin had gotten for her and she had to admit it was nice living in her own little world. Today, she was having a lazy day. She had yet to change out of her pajamas and was still laying in Justin's bed, watching movies on the laptop. He'd left hours earlier and the only time she'd left the bed was to make herself a snack and then immediately returned to the sheets. She was startled away from her laptop when Justin walked into the room, his hand resting on his side as he entered the bathroom without closing the door. She stood, frowning and wondering what was wrong as she felt something deep in her bones that something wasn't right with him. She walked to the bathroom door and leaned against the doorway. That's when she noticed the blood on his white tee as he washed his hands in the sink.

“You're bleeding,” She immediately made her way towards him, grabbing a towel out of the cupboard on the way.

“I'm fine,” He was frowning as he watched her wet the towel.

“Take your shirt off,” She commanded, meeting his gaze. He was reluctant, but eventually pulled it over his head and tossed it to the floor, revealing a large gash on his right side. She immediately began to clean the wound, attempting to get all the blood away from it, “We need bandages,” She stated. He pointed to the medicine cabinet and watched as she retrieved them. He studied her face, deep in concentration as she bandaged his wound. Once she was finished, he stood there for a moment, still watching her intently.

“Thank you,” He nearly whispered.

“What happened?” She met his gaze, concern written on her brow.

“Nothing,” He sighed, “I was caught off-guard. It won't happen again.”

“It better not,” She spoke immediately, “Cause if you die, I'll be stuck here forever with no one to let me go.” He couldn't help but let out a small chuckle and shake his head in disbelief at her.

“That and you'd miss me,” He winked at her.

“Please,” She rolled her eyes, “I barely notice when you're gone now.”

He smirked and walked towards her, getting close enough to whisper into her ear, “Sure you don't.” He then made his way out of the bathroom and headed into his closet to grab a new shirt. She sighed and picked up the bloodied shirt that now had a hole in it from where the knife punctured not only the shirt, but his skin as well. With a sigh, she threw it into the trash and headed back into the bedroom, crawling back into the bed. She was surprised when he exited the closet and kicked off his shoes, crawling into bed beside her.

“Whatcha watching?” He asked, nodding towards the laptop.

“Queen of the damned,” She answered, pressing play on the movie that she'd previously paused. He scooted a little closer, attempting to see the screen and watch the movie with her. Her attention was not on the movie in front of her as her nerves got the best of her. She couldn't help but notice how close he was to her and she bit her lip, wondering what exactly he was trying to do.

“Relax,” He breathed, scooting closer to her and sliding his arm around behind her, pulling her closer towards him. He noticed her stiff stature and tried not to chuckle, “I'm not gonna hurt you, ya know.”

“What are you doing, Justin?” She looked at him, a serious look on her face, “Since when does the vicious Justin Bieber cuddle and watch movies with bitches?”

His anger flared and he moved, “You're right.” He began to stand up and she reached for him, her hand resting on his shoulder to stop him. He looked back towards her.

“Stay,” She whispered, unsure what she was doing. Why did she want to be in the arms of her kidnapper? And why was she so insanely attracted to this man? Especially when she had a boyfriend...He nodded once and resumed his spot, his arm going around her again. She relaxed into him a little, resting her head in the crook of his arm as they both pretended their attention was on the movie playing from the laptop on her lap. They stayed like this for a long while, neither one daring or wanting to move away from the other until the credits rolled on the screen in front of them. Neither spoke for a long moment as the movie ended, until he finally broke the silence.

I'm more than the person I have to be in the streets,” His voice was soft and unsure as he internally fought himself. Why was this girl getting him to admit this? He hadn't even slept with her yet, let alone kissed her. And why was he actually going with it? This wasn't like him. He never let people in because letting people in lead to people being able to hurt him. She met his gaze, studying him for a moment. Without a word he closed the space between them, covering her lips with his. His hand moved to her neck, pulling her closer towards him as he kissed her, hungrily. He tried to hide the smirk when she actually started to reciprocate the kiss, her hand resting lightly on his pec muscle. He pulled away after a moment and stared into her eyes. Without a word he stood from the bed, slipping on his shoes and heading out of the room, leaving her wondering what the hell had just happened and questioning why she was tingling everywhere his skin and lips had touched her. She laid there for another few moments before deciding she would get washed up. She placed her laptop on the dresser in it's usual spot and grabbed a pair of sweats and a tank-top out of her duffel, heading into the bathroom and not locking the door, figuring it would be a long while before Justin came back. She tied her hair up in a bun on top of her head and began to run herself a warm bath, tossing in some of the bubble bath her eye had caught on the edge of the tub. She sighed and slowly slipped off her clothes, sliding down into the tub. She closed her eyes, leaning back against the tub and letting the feeling of the water and bubbles against her skin, take her away.


Justin had reached the first floor in a matter of seconds, heading directly towards the kitchen and grabbing an energy drink out of the fridge. He looked around the room for a moment until he'd heard the water turn on upstairs. He bit his lip with a smile, heading back to his room. He set his drink on the night-stand and kicked off his shoes again. He debated for a moment, his hand resting on the knob of the bathroom door. Finally, he'd gotten up the courage to try the knob and was surprised to find it open. He pushed the door open and looked in without actually entering as his eyes caught glimpse of her in the tub. He smiled and bit his lip, entering when she hadn't noticed his presence yet. He quietly sat down on the edge of the tub, watching her; his eyes grazing over the water and wishing that there weren't bubbles hiding her from his vision. The water was still running and once he was sure it was full enough, he reached over and turned it off, causing her to nearly jump out of the tub.

“What are you doing?” She glared at him, wondering why he was back and why he was in the bathroom with her.

He gave her a taunting smirk, “I was turning off the bath water before it over-flowed.”

“I thought you left,” She checked herself to make sure that none of her was visible above the water.

“I just went down to get a drink,” He raised his eyebrows and gave a small shrug, “Guess you shoulda locked the door.” He stuck 2 fingers down into the water and flicked a little bit of it towards her face.

“Do you mind?!” She gave him an exasperated look, “Baths are supposed to be relaxing and you're making it a little difficult to relax.” He didn't speak, just splashed some more water at her, “Seriously? Come on, Justin. I just wanna relax.” He chuckled and splashed her again, causing her to let out a growl and use her hand to splash a large bit of water towards him, causing him to lean back a little as to not get wet.

“I'm injured,” He reminded, “If you get me wet, you'll have to re-bandage my wound.”

“Then leave me alone!” She gave him a pointed look, “What do you want?” He stood, grabbing a wash cloth from the cupboard and kneeling beside the tub, sticking both of his hands down in the water and wetting the cloth as he slowly dragged it up her arm.

“You know what I want, Princess,” His eyes left her bare arm and met her eyes again, “I want you.”

She stared at him for a moment before speaking, “Is that why you brought me here?”

“Partly,” He shrugged and dropped her gaze, “Are you unhappy?”

She looked down at the water, pulling her knees closer to her before she whispered, “Is he even looking for me?”

Justin sighed and studied her for a moment, “No.” She didn't meet his gaze, but she nodded, deep down knowing he was right, “It doesn't matter though,” He could see the sadness on her face and reached for her chin, bringing her gaze to his, “Even if he was looking for you, I wouldn't let you go.” Oddly, there was a comfort in his words for her and she knew she should've been angry, but looking into his brown pools, she nearly forgot she was being held against her will for a moment.

“Well,” She looked away, trying to make light of the situation, “Jokes on you then, cause they probably won't want me back once you're done with me.”

He reached out, tucking a stray strand of her hair behind her ear, “I never said I'd ever be done with you,” She looked at him and it was his turn to look away as he stood, pushing himself up off the floor with his hands on the side of the tub, “I'm gonna go make some dinner. Come down when you're dressed.” He made his way to the door, glancing back at her one last time before exiting the room and closing the door behind him.

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