She hadn't felt this in love with anyone for a very long time, if ever, and she was sure it was going to be the death of her. His thoughts, quite similar, as he stared into her blue-gray pools. He'd swore to himself the last time he lusted after a girl that he'd never allow himself to fall in love, but he knew in this moment that he was, in fact, madly in love with the woman before him and he knew that there was nothing he could do to stop her from destroying him.


4. 6-04

Krystal awoke the next morning, her neck screaming at her in pain. She'd opted last night to spend the night in the basement because she wasn't comfortable sleeping in Justin's bed, but this morning, she definitely regretted it. She sighed to herself and stood, attempting to stretch her sore body. She sighed as she lifted the pillow and blanket that she'd stolen out of Justin's walk-in closet to sleep down here on the floor. Without much thought, she walked up the wood staircase carefully until she reached the door that led to the first level. She opened it and entered, immediately looking around for any waking person she could see. No one was up yet. She glanced at the clock, 5am. She stifled a yawn as she turned down the hallway, making her way towards Justin's room. She quietly turned the knob, trying not to wake him and carefully tip-toed inside. She carried the pillow and the blanket towards the empty side of the bed, taking in his sleeping form as she carefully laid them down. She sat down slowly, her movements small as she attempted to climb into the bed beside him without waking him up. She moved carefully to her side, facing away from him and letting out a sigh of relief.

“You should've just slept up here all night,” He spoke, making her jump slightly, “I can't imagine the basement floor was that comfortable.”

She turned her head, “Sorry for waking you.” Her voice was soft and he could sense her discomfort.

“It's fine. I need to get up anyway,” She felt him swing himself out of the bed and throw the covers over her. She didn't move, but heard the bathroom door close and the shower turn on. She let out a sigh of relief, sure she wouldn't be able to sleep until he was gone. She wasn't sure how long she lay there, but he came out a few moments later and she listened to him walk into his closet. He wasn't in there more than 2 minutes before he came out, glancing at her as she faced the wall. He didn't say anything before leaving the room. With a deep breath, she turned in the bed towards where he laid previously and reached out to touch the pillow. She took in a deep breath, taking in his scent. If she had to share a bed with someone, at least he he was attractive and smelled good.


She had awoken sometime around 1pm the next afternoon and immediately washed up, not bothering to wash her hair today. She had applied a small amount of makeup and had already made herself a small breakfast. She sighed, wishing there was more around the house to do as she plopped down on the couch in the living area next to Alex.

“It's seriously so boring being stuck here,” She attempted to strike up a conversation with him, as Justin wasn't back yet and she figured she'd better get to know all the guys who lived in the house, “How long have you been a part of Justin's gang?”

“A little while,” Alex didn't pull his attention away from his phone as he shortly answered her question.

“How old are you?” She asked.

“Old enough,” He snapped, but then caught himself and glanced at her before returning his attention back to his phone, “20.”

“Why are you here?” She wondered. Out of all of them, Alex seemed like he was probably the softest one and he seemed to be the one they sent to do the grunt work.

He met her gaze, “Can't you find something else to do other than ask me all these questions?” She sighed and pulled a couch pillow to her chest, deciding to keep her mouth shut for the moment. She looked around the room, taking in the modern look of everything and was still surprised they didn't seem to own a TV. It was at that moment that she noticed a cabinet and a game console seemingly connected. Of course they had a TV, she thought to herself, they're boys and boys like video games. She heard the garage door open from downstairs and it was only a matter of moments before she heard someone jogging up the stairs. Her eyes fell to Justin and he glanced at her, motioning for her to follow him into the kitchen. She stood from the couch and obeyed, joining him at the island as he set the bag he was carrying on the counter. She watched as he pulled out a laptop with the needed items to keep it charged.

“There's a communication block on it,” He informed sliding it over to her, “So don't try to contact anyone, cause it won't work. You can browse the internet and download music. You also have access to streaming movies or YouTube, but no social networking. Obviously.”

She met his gaze with a smile, “Thank you, Justin.” He nodded once, turning away from her to go into the fridge and retrieve an energy drink. She stood there for a moment, studying him as she held onto the laptop. He was wearing black jeans with high-top tennis shoes and a white tank top. A plain baseball hat sat perched on his head and she noted the gold chain he wore around his neck.

“What?” He asked once he noticed her staring.

“Nothing,” She looked away, putting her head down.

He made his way closer to her and placed his fingers underneath her chin, lifting her gaze to his, “You like what you see?”

“I-I have a boyfriend,” She spoke nervously, remembering Dee.

“Exactly. He's a boy,” Justin refused to drop her gaze, “A woman like you needs a man who knows how to please her.”

She was a little taken aback by his statement, but she wondered what lied within his words. So, she prodded a little further, “And you think you'd know how to please a woman like me?”

“Better than any man you've ever been with before, Princess,” He gave her a challenging look, trying to hide his smirk as he liked where this was going. Without a word, she stepped close to him, standing chest to chest as her eyes trailed between his lips and his eyes. Silence enveloped them for a moment as she linked her right hand with his left. She licked her lips and reached up, running the back of her hand along his cheek bone.

“Prove it,” She whispered, seizing contact with him and dropping his gaze as she stepped back towards where she was previously standing and picked up the laptop, heading out of the room. He smirked to himself, shaking his head in disbelief at her. She was definitely a character and it was at that moment that he was thankful for the amount of self-control he had.


Krystal had spent most of the day in the living area, downloading the music that she wanted to make sure she had available to her and watching movies on the laptop he had gotten for her. She looked at the clock and noted that it was nearly midnight. Everyone had left earlier, going out on a mission and leaving her with Alex. She wondered when they would be back, but brushed the thought away as she stood from the couch, stretching and gathering her laptop. She didn't say anything to Alex as she passed the kitchen and headed down the hallway to Justin's room. She placed her new item carefully on Justin's dresser and grabbed a pair of sweats and a tank-top out of one of her duffel bags, heading into the bathroom. She washed her face and brushed her teeth before changing into the comfortable clothes. She finished and made her way back into the bedroom, returning her dirty clothes to one of her duffels. She let out a sigh as she climbed into Justin's bed, noticing how tired she really was. Her mind wouldn't stop as she thought about how long she'd be here or what this new life meant for her. She couldn't help but wonder if Dee and the rest of the gang were out looking for her or if they'd even bothered to find out who took her. She nearly jumped out of her skin as Justin came into the room. He didn't speak to her as he entered the bathroom and shut the door. She heard the shower turn on a moment later and she lay wide awake until she heard it shut off. She glanced towards him as he made his way out of the bathroom in just a towel; her eyes trailing his perfectly toned abdomen. She swallowed hard as she watched him walk into his closet and return a moment later with a pair of black sweat pants sitting low on his hips. Her breathing caught in her throat as he climbed into bed beside her after turning out the light.

“You can breathe,” He chuckled, being highly aware of her body just inches from his, “I'm not gonna prove it tonight. You haven't earned it yet, Princess.”

She rolled her eyes in the dark, knowing he couldn't see her, but she hoped he knew how annoyed she was with him when she turned away from him and faced the wall, “Maybe YOU haven't earned it yet,” She mumbled.

He let out a small, low laugh, “Goodnight, Princess.” She didn't respond with words, instead she made a 'Hmph' noise and closed her eyes, willing sleep to take her.

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